Tilt, Personified

by , Jan 31, 2007 | 5:45 pm

One of the great things about poker is what it can teach you about tilt. Seldom can you see a clearer example of how some less-than-premium early results can force you into a downward spiral of bad decision-making:

ALT HED: Inverse Gonz

8 Comments to “Tilt, Personified”

  1. jen

    ok…you gotta wonder if this guy has ever seen this side of her…and then you gotta think..their poor children (because, come on, this is the type of person who has kids to fix a marriage….this chick is the makings of a millennium Mommie Dearest!!

  2. DanM

    I kinda figured that’s just how all women are. Go poker!

  3. Bob

    Can you imagine what she’d do if she didn’t like her boob job?

    Or if her guy failed to give her an orgasm?

    If she hasn’t cut hubby’s unit off by now, it’s soon headed for the trash can…

  4. jen

    Yikes…I want to say, aww poor guy, but he is totally doing this to himself….and btw don’t put all women in one category…it’s more like the kinda crazy ones (which are the fun ones) and the completely psycho ones (not so fun or at least after you’ve sobered up)

  5. Uncle Ray

    You’re right, Jen. There’s a difference between crazy and psycho. And this clip is a prime example. She walked into the room crazy (maybe real crazy, borderline psycho) but quickly crossed the border.

  6. jeh

    Hate to disappoint, but it’s a hoax. A brilliant hoax, but still a hoax:


  7. DanM

    I think that Newspaper is a hoax. And the internet, too. Next thing you’ll tell me is that Tuff_Fish is a fake.

  8. Bob

    Noooo! Dan, the internet is NOT a hoax! That 19 yr. old girl in the Phillippines LOVES me! It’s not her fault that I have to pay $5.99 a minute to chat with her! It’s those damn Filipino ISPs!!!! Really!