Avant-Garde Poker & Nicknames

by , Feb 20, 2007 | 7:30 pm

It seems everyday there is a new poker team or new type of poker tournament. Jeff Madsen and Brandon Cantu have returned from the huddle with their fellow teamsters for the PokerBowl. And several couples and tag-team events have already popped up this year.

Additionally, PartyPoker has announced a televised event inviting pros such as Phil Hellmuth, Devilfish, Kenna James, and Vicki Coren (London EPT Winner). To play you only need $20k, an invitation (due to a nice resume) and a nickname. Lacking an AKA, well-mannered Vicki stuck with tradition and decided she couldn’t possibly nickname herself so she took a poll, the results of which she announced in her column yesterday.

5 Comments to “Avant-Garde Poker & Nicknames”

  1. DanM

    Hey, she’s a pretty good writer. Go Teacup!

  2. Karridy

    Check out the ringer they got for the Dallas PokerBowl team! And I hear that Cloutier guy isn’t bad either.

  3. Fresh Princess

    What do you expect? She went to Oxford.

  4. DanM

    No, but really Michele … check out the “ringer”. Karridy is like Mr. Pokerbowl.

  5. Fresh Princess

    Go Karridy! You can do it!