Bellagio Cash Game Rules

by , Feb 19, 2007 | 7:29 pm

While most of you probably know the standard rule differentials between cash and tournament play, it is important to know they vary not only between locations but also within the same room. For example, in the Bellagio 2-5 NL game you are required to turn over your hand when heads up with an all-in player. However, in the 5-10 NL Bellagio game you do not have to expose your hand in this same scenario. Seem strange? According to the Bellagio poker-room floor people, “It’s because 5-10 is a higher limit. The higher the limit, you don’t have to show your hand.”

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  1. DanM

    Are the Bellagio peeps saying they are more willing to “loosen” the rules for a bigger game, or do they have separate rules in play?

  2. Fresh Princess

    I think this is because originally the 2-5 was swarming with locals and had a min/max buy-in of $200. It protected the tourists while preventing collusion and the dumping of chips.

    The 10-20 was the next limit up (in NL) and was mostly pros (which means more table captains – you’re not the boss of me attitude).

    The 5-10 was added this past year and I believe they felt the players were experienced enough to know the basic rules.

    In other words, the 2-5 is full of beginners????? This is an assumption.

  3. beeelzebubba

    the 2/5 game at the wynn is better than the 2 5 or 5 10 at the bellagio. all of them are fishy but the wynn has the most opportunity because there are no buy in restrictions

  4. Fresh Princess

    You’re absolutely right. The games at the Wynn are fun and have more money on the table. The 1k buy-in cap at The Bellagio (and I love the Bellagio) is a bit restricting, especially early with a new table.

  5. beeelzebubba

    Actually there are only 2 times i like the 5 10 at the bellagio but you must be a little shady for the second one I am going to recommend – the situation must be right.
    first, if the game is just starting it is good because you can have the max possible chips on the table or worse case, it is all equal – 1 dime each.
    the second is late when there is a must move going but not right next door. the timing must be right because, you have to have 1k in chips and some cash behind, so you take a little break 30 min. or so come back add more cash 1500 or more then when you get moved add anothe dime and a half, now you have 4k or more, now you can really play poker otherwise go to the wynn.

    oh and I am not an “aspiring anything” so I will write in run on sentences with poor grammer but i have an ginormous ego. yes, ginormous.

  6. Willie


  7. prez beeblebrox

    you gotta be a silky smooth operator and I do it every trip, but the catch is the game has to be good enough to be worth the risk of getting caught and ejected. But it it’s about game selection. secondly, amarillo slim says and i love this line “it’s just a shame to leave a sucker with his money” I love the bellagio games because the lists are long and there is constantly a fresh supply of new meat and I have a voracious appetite.hopw else can you really be competitive when you come in late to a game and more than half the table is sitting on 3, 4, 5 dimes? I want to come in with the biggest stack and make them really think hard about losing their whole stack a full days worth aof grinding before jacking with me. To do this you need a lot of cash. Otherwise they are basically freerolling to run you down. You stand to lose everything in front of you if they make a bad call, they stand to lose only someone else’s money but if they suck out you’re behind the 8 ball again without a chance to catch up, you must now hope to get it all in and prevail in order just break even. screw that!!!