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There is an interesting phenomenon that I’ve noticed in the poker blogging community over the past few years. And perhaps it occurs across bloglines and is not poker-centric. I call it “blogego”—that is, the urge to blog about all things non-poker related to your (somewhat) interesting life instead of the one thing that got you blog readers to begin with. When I saw this last month, I knew I had to post something.

Another notable example of this is the lovable Quiet Lion, Richard Brodie, whom I almost hate to mention because I used to love reading his trip reports from the WPT and WSOP back in the day. Here is a great example. Now, instead of saving the food and wine reviews for the end, we are treated to entire posts about nothing else. Not saying they are bad or uninteresting, just saying I was drawn to the blog because he was doing what countless thousands of us were dreaming about, playing against the big boys week in and week out.

To a lesser exent, Paul Phillips has turned a blind eye to his faithful poker readers. We used to get this, but now we get this. But Phillips gets a pass, mainly because he’s taken to Scrabble the way he used to play poker, and more importantly, he could give two shits.

Now I’m not trying to say that the blogs that have always included non-poker content should draw our ire. A perfect example is Pauly, who got us to read his blog because of his great writing and goofy trials and travails as much as for any poker content. Hell, even this site has always had to feature a lot of non-poker content, mainly because the pokerati-in-chief rarely knows much about it or who the relevant players are, even going so far as to confuse the Fresh Princess with Olga Varkonyi.

In light of this growing trend, I am going to try and focus my gay, poker blog reading to more poker-focused bloggers going forward. For example, if you are not already, check out David Daneshgar’s blog and Shane Schleger’s blog. They are still (mostly) doing it right.

P.S. This post is missing its several blank pages between the post title and the content of the post. Dan, please insert.

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  1. Karridy

    Point taken.

  2. The Big Randy

    Awesome, K. Not talking about us, though.

  3. Karridy

    I’ll go ahead and say right now that I will never provide any value or make any posts that are of the caliber of that which TBR states is required to responsibly blog. For one reason, that’s not my job and from what Dan tells me, was never an expectation of me. Because I am fortunate enough to be a member of an ensemble cast of bloggers, I can be happy to explore and grow into my own niche. I won’t be blogging live from final tables, because I won’t be there. I won’t be giving you the latest poker scoop, because I have so many other things going on that many of our readers will come to know things much in the same fashion and time that I will. So where is my value, you ask. Like so many other things in life, I feel that the proof is in the pudding. I blog because I can. I have worked through so many other tasks and experiences that I have placed myself in the position of having been given the opportunity to do so. And so I do. Why did I spend all the time and effort to promote, organize, and operate a team-style tournament this weekend? That’s just the way I am. Can somebody else do it? Sure. Can somebody else create and co-host a show like “Beyond the Table”? Certainly. And I’m positive that many of you actually stand a good chance of doing it better (Especially you, TBR – seriously). But it was me who made the sacrifice and effort. I could go on, although I can’t guarantee that every endeavor would have the same happy ending. I like to think that in itself can be quite intriguing. It’s certainly what brought Dan and I together (..Before we were lovers :). I put in work and I believe that it is appreciated. My point is that we all have different points of value. And what matters is the we make the effort to provide that value, regardless of the relevancy percentage. I argue that this is even less important when you have great resources like You, Dan, Mike, and Michelle to counter the occaisonal irrelevant post. Here at Pokerati, the comments have been growing by leaps and bounds since our new cast has been formed. People are more involved and it’s evident. I think we have a great mixture and shouldn’t be overly critical. We take the time to do what we do for the sake of the greater poker good. I think that’s great and I like to think our readers appreciate each and every posts. As for me, “I’m gonna make it do what it do, baby!…”

  4. The Big Randy

    Karridy, dude, please note my pokerati exception. I’m not saying you can’t blog non-poker. All I’m saying is when your audience has grown to expect a certain level of poker content (unlike ours), it sort of sucks when the poker content runs dry.

  5. Karridy

    Understood. And I’m playing devil’s advocate. I guess we can agree that a balance of both is required for a successful blog? But yes, if your point is that a poker blog should at least have poker, you’re dead on. If it ceases to contain such, it is by definition no longer a poker blog but a celebrity blog. This is certainly an obvious phenomenon in Negreanu’s blog, as well as his life. Yet, despite the common attempts at metamorphosis, I don’t know why we don’t see Helmuth, Bruson, or others aren’t focused on and pointed out at Lakers games or gracing the covers of mainstream magazines like people, etc. Why can’t these holders of sports history-making cash prizes be considered a true celebrity. Maybe they need to shave their heads like Britney. Oh wait… that’s right. Sorry Daniel.

  6. Fresh Princess

    Isn’t this a porn site? It was an option in that Pokerati Poll.

  7. The Big Randy

    Fresh P.–interesting you should ask. Actually, is still under construction (much like our “Meet the Bloggers” section).

  8. Richard Brodie

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been blogging since the late ’90s about whatever I’m up to. I’m not playing very many big tournaments any more or I would write about them.


  9. DanM

    Randy, this post is so cute.

  10. son of sue


  11. Karridy

    This is a format where people can openly debate. Simply replying with “Boring” is like being the guy in the meeting who thinks everything is a bad idea, yet has no solutions.

  12. Karridy

    But I appreciate your input 🙂

  13. Ed

    I think Daniel’s blog has had about 10% poker and 90% peronal life shit since he started it.

    Oh and the fact remains. It is a blog. It is their blog. If they want to talk about how they enjoy spanking nuns with rubber hoses while covered in rasberry jelly…then so be it.

    I go there for the poker and learning more about their personal lives.


  14. DanM

    In blogging, you get what you pay for.

  15. son of sue

    TBR simply said, with the exception of pokerati, that he wants his poker blogs to be about poker.  You respond with a rambling post essentially trying to justify your existences.  I agree with Randy.  I dont come here to read you post about some cute prank you and your coworkers played on a Bears Fan.  I dont come here to read about your IM’ing with a buddy of yours about his wife not wanting him to play in a poker tournament.  All of this just screams “space filler”  I DO come her to read Fresh Princess and her trip reports. I DO come here to read whats going on in  local poker, which doesn’t necessarily mean I need updates on every Senator’s stance on poker.  My very unwarranted advice to for you guys to stick to writing about poker.  If I wanted to read a bunch of bs, I would read

  16. The Big Randy

    Quiet Lion–

    First, thanks for the comment, and its a point well taken. So in the words of our esteemed leader, “fair enough.” However, isn’t it true that the Lion Tales aspect of your blog began with your decision informally go on the poker tour in August of 03? I thought that’s what distinguished it from the stuff. Anywho, as I said in the post, I still enjoy your stuff, whatever the topic.

    Second, since you may know a thing or two about computers, can you tell Dan how to fix the enormous gap between some of our post titles and the post content? Thanks.


  17. DanM

    Randy, can you send me a screen shot of what you are talking about? And are you using IE or Firefox? Computers are hard.

  18. The Big Randy

    Dan, like I could possibly begin to figure out how to send a “screen shot.” If someone out there has any savvy, please send Dan something helpful.

  19. Karridy

    SoS,.. Sometimes even Dan and Fresh Princess post about nothing at all. Brodie invented Word’s red squiggly, but I honestly believe that Dan invented the scroll bar. You should check it out.

  20. son of sue

    fair enough

  21. Ed

    TBR, what browser are you using? Looks fine for me but I have sent Dan some screenshots before with issues I came across. I will be more than happy to check it out and see if you are smoking crack again or if it is a legit problem.


  22. DanM

    ** I dont come here to read about your IM’ing with a buddy of yours about his wife not wanting him to play in a poker tournament.**

    Zach, not that I particularly care what you think now that you don’t live in Texas, but don’t be so quick to pick on the new guy. A lot of businesses think they have figured out how to create a blogging “community” … but they are missing a key ingredient or two. (It’s like building a car engine … might be a perfect creation, but it ain’t gonna work without oil.)

    I think there are a lot of people who come to read about “Poker News, Poker Skills, Poker Lives …” who have similarly struggled with the notion of explaining bankroll management to their significant non-poker others. I could be wrong, of course … but even if I am, fuggit … because the electronic conversation we have here will continue to move forward, and any “bad” post will soon be forgotten about.

    I suspect when it becomes difficult for a guy like you to find content on Pokerati that is informative, irreverent, and engaging(my three key buzzwords for all bloggy endeavors), that is when you and others will stop reading.

    P.S. you can enter in your website’s URL in a comment so readers can find more of your work if they are so inclined. Nifty!

  23. DanM

    Special private comment just for Karridy:

    Yo, dude … check out the “enter” key on your computer — it’s a really cool function that allows you create individual paragrafs and space between different thoughts.

  24. Karridy




  25. DanM

    You’re welcome. Go team!

  26. Richard Brodie

    It’s been Lion Tales ever since I started posting trip reports on (formerly webflyer).


  27. SitNGo Steve

    Thanks to Karridy for making me the focus of both of the posts in SoS’s argument, or not – not sure which one yet.

    To SoS – don’t jump so quickly to criticize posts that don’t focus on the poker topics that *you* want to read about. Sure, if you don’t have a Significant Other, it’s probably nothing more than an amusing topic. But, I’d guess that there are quite a few people out there that are in the same situation as Karridy and I, and would like to know the best way to get buy-in (pun intended) from their’s SO’s on what can be an expensive Hobbby/Addiction/Profession.

    Personally, what *I* like about this site is the intrinsic humor dabbled in (thanks for keeping it lively Dan) with the serious poker posts. If it was all one or the other, it would make for a monotonous site.

    My points:
    1. Variety is the spice of life (yes, korny, but true)
    2. Don’t be so harsh, especially on the newbies – it’s the easiest way to discourage new people from participating in an online community. Thankfully, I’m thick skinned and will still try and write an article about bankroll management with a focus on acceptance from the SO. But, It would be a shame if it scared off a future great contributor to this site.


    WARNING – clicking on my name will take you to a website with absolutely *NO* Poker content.

  28. jackietrehorn

    Personally, I think articles about Filthy Poker Chips are what make this blog happen. Really.

  29. Tulsa

    You kissed me and stopped me from shaking. But I sent you away, oh Randy.