Clonie after Dark

by , Feb 20, 2007 | 11:32 am

A concerned reader writes in wanting to know:

hey…you did not mention to the poker world that [tag]Clonie[/tag] would be on Poker After Dark this week. did you not know this yourself or has the flame died and you just don’t care? 🙂


Ed, I was not aware that she was on until I watched the show myself last night. It looked like she was getting crappy cards and playing them well. It also occurred to me that this was her first time playing in an ultra-personality driven show. I mean sure, she has made plenty of TV appearances, but not one like this … one that follows the High Stakes Poker model, putting the real personalities (sometimes under pressure) on display. Two-and-a-half hours of relatively unedited interaction can be rather challenging, I suspect. But so far …

I think she’s doing great … and I can’t help but totally dig the cowboy hat and cleavage cute shirt. Really brings out her tingly charm.

CORRECTION: **Two-and-a-half hours** should be five hours … assuming she makes it that far. Based on the previews for tonight, it looks like she successfully manhandles her sparring match with Tony G and will make it to Friday heads-up against Chris Ferguson. We’ll see.

UPDATE: According to Sang, we apparently were watching two different shows. He claims she “got hammered” by Tony G …

16 Comments to “Clonie after Dark”

  1. Ed

    yeah i think the shirt was the first thing i noticed too. then i said “hey! that is Clonie!”


  2. prez beeblebrox

    clonie is great and all but my money is on the fresh princess she’s a hottie and really nice to boot. meow

  3. Fresh Princess

    When was this filmed?

    Although she is a very pretty blonde, I was really liking the dark hair.

    Though, I’m a biased brunette.

  4. DanM

    I am thinking like October … probably right before the Aussie Millions hairdo.

    I like girls with pretty hair.

  5. Karridy

    I hate to say, but when I finally saw her in person, at the ’06 WSOP, I was disappointed. I know poker players can’t look good ALL the time. But if your looks are part of your shtick (sp?) I’d give it at least 30 mins before leaving the hotel room.

  6. Ed

    Dan, the 10 million dollar question is…

    Can you knit a pretty sweater from the pretty hair?

  7. on tilt

    I agree with Princess….I liked Clonie as a brunette.

  8. DanM

    Ed, you are the nicest guy in the world … and you sometimes remind me of “Garland Greene” from Con Air.

  9. Fresh Princess

    Did you just reference a “movie”??????

    She looks good either way.

  10. DanM

    Yes, but I had to look it up.

  11. Ed

    one of my favorite characters in that movie. he played the part better than i think anyone else could.

    Steven Nix told me on Sunday that i made him think of Erik Seidel. Which one should I take as flattery and which as an insult?

  12. DanM

    It depends who’s hair you are trying to make into a suit.

  13. jaffo

    It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again

  14. Tiny B


  15. osinsh

    pretty funny hat, though.

  16. Jeff Rose

    She’s got to lose the dark hair! What the heck?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1