Doyle’s Room Pulls Out

by , Feb 20, 2007 | 4:00 pm

Bunhouse Bob informs us that even Doyle Brunson has decided to fold:

just a note to let you know that doyles room will be closing to u s customers as of march 1st. they are offering a transfer to full tilt. i still dont know how im going to retrieve my money since i never [had to make] a deposit. any ideas?

Thanks for the heads-up Bob. Not sure about your parlayed freeroll moolah, but I think they would be able to simply send you a check. Perhaps someone else will help us verify …

UPDATE: Here is word from one generally reliable (albeit biased) site saying Doyle is out … sending players over to Full Tilt. But here is another story revealing that Doyle has simply sold out, not pulled out (with Full Tilt beating Bodog for the privilege to buy).

By the way, does anyone know whatever became of that $700 million fraud investigation the Securities & Exchange Commission had against the Godfather?

6 Comments to “Doyle’s Room Pulls Out”

  1. Ed

    was going to send you this bit of news but we already knew this was going to happen when Tribeca said they were pulling the plug on U.S. folk last week. unless doyles room wanted to find another network they could jump on we would not be playing there again.


  2. DanM

    And Bob, all news says they will happily cash you out. I think you gotta trust Brunson.

    At the sae time, if you were to transfer your money to Full Tilt, I bet you could “sell” it to someone locally at a premium.

  3. Fresh Princess

    So, I guess you saw the news? enter

    I’m wondering if the re-writing of the bill will move forward until all the sites fold???? enter

    This feels so Y2K! enter

    Sorry, I read Karridy’s private “enter key” comment.

  4. paperboy

    Im just wondering where this leaves APL….since Doyle’s Room bankroles that league. Are they through too?

  5. Ten Mile

    Doyle officially/legally took the Fifth, and cannot speak of it. The Law Offices Doyle hired quit. The SEC is silent; Independent observers see no culpability in Doyles actions.

  6. Doc John

    I know a lot of newbies and ordinary people who chose Doyle’s Room because it was backed by Doyle himself. He is one of the few celebrities whose endorsement really probably means something to the people looking at the products. He’s sort of the Walter Cronkite of poker. For those of you too young to remember, forty years ago when the surveys were done, Cronkite (who anchored CBS evening news) was voted the most trusted individual in America. Seeing Doyle have to run for cover is not a good sign, and linked with the bailing out by NetTeller, it looks like the bad guys have us outnumbered. Makes me wonder how Lederer and the FullTilt gang have the guts to hang in there.