Feeler Busts?

by , Feb 12, 2007 | 2:07 pm

I just learned last night from a powerful lawyer playing next to me in an underground poker game that we’re not supposed to use the phrase “8-Liner” … because 8-Liners are bad. The preferred terminology is “VLT” — as in Video Lottery Terminal. Ahh, of course. Duly noted.

Upon returning home from that tourney (I finished 10th — three got paid) I learned that there was a big semi-raid on a Dallas VLT emporium. “Hank” in Dallas reports:

A friend of mine was at a local 8-liner establishment Friday night that was raided at 9:55. (N.E. Dallas area)

A lady playing a machine fell suddenly ill and asked a staff member to walk her out. Door was opened and in came 4 officers. The officers and the “ill” lady took it down.

All players, staff and the owner were given citations at $165. Monies and machines (55+ machines) were confiscated. Interestingly enough, no arrests, monies/winnings were not taken from players, no news crews and no warrant checks conducted.

I know for a fact had backgrounds been checked, arrests would have been made.

My only thought is – the money in the machines came from the government anyway – disability checks must have been looking good to the City of Dallas!

Hmm, I gotta say this is all very peculiar. But possibly a positive sign if authorities are simply doing their research to assess how much taxable money is out there for them to legitimize. But this, of course, could be just hopeful thinking on my part. And as all good Pokeratizens know, hope is seldom a good strategy.

2 Comments to “Feeler Busts?”

  1. The Big Randy

    If it’s seldom a good strategy, why is that your only strategy in the home game? Just askin.

  2. DanM

    lesson from chris ferguson … when you are clearly outmatched, your best choice is to gamble.