Game(s) in Tucson?

by , Feb 5, 2007 | 9:42 am

Calling all Pokeratizans. Will be in Tucson for the next three nights, and I’d love any input on a place to play there. I seem to recall someone (think it may have been on pokerblog) reviewing a couple of places there. Any input would be appreciated. And, I’ll let anyone have a percentage of my action if they like (since I’m running so good and all).

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  1. DanM

    Who let you back in around these parts, TBR?

    Randy, as always, your best way to find a legal live-action game is via The Poker Atlas. A quick look tells me they have two casinos in Tuscon. Casino del Sol appears to have a $10 tournament with $5 rebuys. I’ll take 20 percent of your action in that one.

  2. The Big Randy


    Thanks, I was actually just looking at the poker atlas. What a great website that is. Will try to donk the good retirees of Tucson at one or both facilities in the coming days.

  3. DanM

    Since you are running bad, just remember the poker maxim: “the older the player, the higher the kicker.”

  4. Leigh

    Hey guys –

    I’ve played in both Del Sol and Desert Diamond. They’re both great rooms. Del Sol is more plush, but DD seems to have more action. I hear that $10 Del Sol tourney is INSANE.

    I’ve played and would recommend one of the tournaments at Desert Diamond:

  5. DanM

    Leigh, which room has the bigger cash game? TBR likes to lose lots of money at a time these days.

  6. Brian

    Hey D,

    I think Desert Diamond will have a few more tables with the bigger spread-limit games going than Del Sol. It’s also a bit easier to get to. Although Del Sol has a nicer atmosphere I’m sure TBR does’t care about that like Leigh does… that is until Desert Diamond completes their new casino sometime this year.