Getting my Game Face on

by , Feb 21, 2007 | 2:08 pm

Meanwhile, I’ve got to get ready for some big action about to go down at Danang. It will be the first match in the Batfaces 2007 Heads-Up Tore-nuh-muhnt … me against Thum. Kinda funny we ended up that way via random draw, since we played regularly heads-up throughout 2006. (He’s a 52-48 favorite, by my own calculations.)


All this is semi-inspired by some serious head-butting and a possible high-stakes Heads-Up battle between yours truly and Batface teddy bear Tiny B. More on that TK, for sure (media rights and requirements are part of what’s still being negotiated).

As that takes shape, major important Batface rankings (which will have presumably have a multimillion-dollar impact on endorsement deals) are at stake … and ready to be settled on the felt for a $25 buy-in.

Ooh, I think that’s Thum at the door … Giddy-up.

[Update: Nope, false alarm. Just a passerby.]

UPDATE: Thum is up 1-0 (in a best 2-outta-3) … my cleverly played third-nuts ran into his second.

UPDATE: It’s tied 1-1 … I have AA, flop is 5-6-9. Thum bets 10, I raise to 25, he goes all-in, I reluctantly call (prepared to mount a major comeback if necessary. He has 78. Turn is a 5, river is a 5.

UPDATE: Thum wins. Last match lasted an hour — three levels. But in the end I hurt myself by mis-betting my AK on a flop of A-Q-x. I bet, he raised, I went all-in, he called. Had I played it smarter, I woulda checked, he woulda bet, I woulda raised … he would’ve moved all-in, and I would have been able to fold to his AQ. Nice job, Thum. I made three bad decisions, and in this kinda format I think you get only two.

8 Comments to “Getting my Game Face on”

  1. The Big Randy

    Good to see you getting back to your A-game, Dantana.

  2. DanM

    Hey, even with the side-action I lost, it was good to finally book a loss. I had been winning so much lately I was worried I was due for a much more painful defeat.

    I think Thum will testify (funny word) that I should still be in the running for the Sportsmanship Award.

  3. Fawcett

    No way you would have been able to fold to his AQ because of different action. Same results.

  4. The Big Randy

    Tum told me HE went all in and you called with AK (after declaring you thought you were beat by AQ). No?

  5. dan m

    hmm, could be right. hard to say.

    all i know is that thum outplayed me by 52 percent and got what he deserved. i will bet $500 something physically humiliating that he beats Todd or Shane.

  6. Thum

    Randy is correct. I raised pre-flop with AQo to 12. (blinds were 3-6 and I was dealing). He reraised to 25 and I called. Flop comes AsQs7d. Dan bets 25 and after thinking for a while, I go all in. Dan basically calls my hand out while deciding if he is going to call and in typical Dan fashion, reading his opponents hands correctly and knowing he would be behind, calls with his AKo. I was more worried he would get a runner runner spade than a K coming.

  7. DanM

    Any other results yet?

  8. Sommer

    is this thing still going?