Going With Your Gut

by , Feb 6, 2007 | 11:34 pm

Some are believers and others are not. To the poker atheists…this is how I always explain intuition. It is the first feeling or thought you have when you see your hand. For example, you look down to see you have been dealt pocket aces. Someone born with good intuition feels one of two things:

A. This is going to be really expensive.
B. Aces, awesome, let’s go!

Certainly I am not talking about playing 58 under the gun because you have a “feeling.” That would be like doubling down on a 19 with a dealer showing a 7. I mean when you are playing in the zone and you pick up a hand that is easy to play but your gut is giving you extra information.

As Linda Richman would say “Talk amongst yourselves.”

2 Comments to “Going With Your Gut”

  1. DanM

    Some of us believe “gut instinct” is merely the super-speed analysis of a mathematical situation that you have seen before and filed away “somewhere.”

    the processing of these social-psychological formulas then sparks a physiological response in said “gut.”

  2. Fresh Princess

    They call it “recall”. I mean that in the Doyle Brunson Super System way not the total schwarzenegger way.

    I’m talking about the different gut feelings you get when you pick up a no brainer hand like kings or aces. Sometimes you just know…maybe you don’t, maybe it’s just me. Call me Cleo, call me now!