Mississippi Rivers

by , Feb 12, 2007 | 5:30 pm

Austin Pete is heading to Biloxi, MS, and is looking for the lowdown on poker action in the home of “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin:

Either of you played at the Grand or at Beau Rivage? Anyone better than the other? Not a lot of info on thepokeratlas.

In defense of our good friends at TPA, they are still relatively new and building up their database of reviews. But perhaps for now some Pokeratizens can share their Mississippi insight with Austin Pete …

One Comment to “Mississippi Rivers”

  1. Jason

    I don’t know what Austin Pete is looking to play. The Beau had a 10-25 pot-limit half-hold’em, half-Omaha going when I was down there a few weeks ago. The IP has 5-10 NLHE and occasionally a 10-25 PLO game going. Outside of those games I don’t know about anything else bigger than 2-5 NLHE.