Player Down!

by , Feb 26, 2007 | 11:41 am

DanThe digitally challenged crew at Pokerati has suffered a severe blow this weekend when Dan’s laptop was the first out at the Pokerati Invitational. Allegations have been raised claiming that the laptop was infact dumping chips to Pokerati blogger, Michele Lewis. This concerning theory has received suprising recent support as Sang, Dan’s roommate, has been placed on record stating that the laptop in question has been spending a tremendous amount of time at Michele Lewis’ site, and on one page in particular. Currently, the laptop has not responded to requests for comment.

Dan’s PC was actually DOA an he’ll miss you all while he takes a short bloggers recess. Originally, I had intended to talk about how Dan, and others, should be required to apply for a computer license (Hence the Blog-tard photo). So when googling to link to the recent heightened similar restrictions on elderly drivers, you can imagine my dismay when I found this top result. *speechless*

11 Comments to “Player Down!”

  1. Fresh Princess


    I thought you sent him a virus so you could take over Pokerati, no?

  2. Bundas

    Knowing Karridy you never know ?

    Picture of Dan’s Computer after Karridy starts his plan to take over!


    Hey Everyone I played Cash with Fresh Princess after the big tourney I think I made her so Nervous she spilled her water all over the table.
    besides not winning I had a great time on Saturday and was really nice meeting you Fresh Princess!

  3. Bundas

    Dont know why that keeps doing that here is the pic of Dan’s computer

  4. jen

    Awesome photo Karridy! Excellent…really

  5. Fresh Princess

    Karridy – easy now, messing with those horns.

    Bundas – It was nice meeting you too. Sorry to disappoint on the lack of spilled water post.

  6. Karridy

    Thanks, Jen. Dan is the subject of some of the most frighteningly beautiful photos ever taken. This is no exception.

  7. jen

    LOL….no doubt…but still….you have some talent behind the camera…you totally get an A in my book! Glad you all had a great time….maybe one of these days I will find myself at a poker table again.

  8. Fresh Princess

    Beware….there has been a blog trojan horse.

  9. jen

    Thanks for the link Fresh Princess…good to know

  10. Ed

    “The new Storm Worm variant attacks the machines of unsuspecting users when they open an e-mail attachment, click on a malicious e-mail link or visit a malicious site…”

    Well duh. Easy solution. Don’t be a goob and click on links/download anything from some strange user that visited your forum/blog for the first time.


  11. jen

    but sometimes it’s just soooo tempting Ed…;-)