Pokerati Invitational Pre-Round Up

by , Feb 26, 2007 | 3:56 pm

Since Dan is having some computer problems I thought I’d go ahead and give a very brief shout out to the winner, Batface Austin Pete. In fact, three batfaces managed to make it into the top five. Go Gonz Tournament Theory.

4 Comments to “Pokerati Invitational Pre-Round Up”

  1. Fresh Princess

    TBR – I was looking forward to meeting you and your gayest sweaters.

  2. The Big Randy

    Sorry, Fresh P. Alas, family duties called. I heard you played well and got eliminated with pocket queens all-in against ace-poo? I could have predicted it going down that way…

  3. Fresh Princess

    Nope, you need a new source. I went from big stack to short stack while changing tables (my table was tight, the new table was not). I raised with A K under the gun and someone with an M of 13ish pushed all in with tens. Phil Hellmuth said call and I lost. I then moved to another table with similar stacks to my first table but had little but my M was a three. I ended up pushing with sevens and oops, someone had kings.

  4. Gonz

    Thanks for mentioning my tournament theory, which continues to prove correct more often than not. Went back and read my original post, along with some of the comments. LOVED Tiny’s:

    “…keep Gonz away from the ESPN cameras, lest the nation’s mild dislike of The Crew be dwarfed by its utter contempt for the Batfaces. ESPN: [slow-motion shot of Gonz pulling back his shirt sleeve and making a muscle]: “We’re the Batfaces, bitch. We’ll piss on your head and make you like it!”

    AND make you like it! Genius!