Poking in the workplace

by , Feb 7, 2007 | 8:49 am

To appreciate this photo you have to understand my friend, Stephen. Prior to this Extreme Makeover – Cube Edition, Stephen’s cube walls were lined with $5 bills that he had won by betting on the Bears against everybody else in the office. Let’s just say that there was never a debt paid that didn’t recieve more than adequate dose of smug verbal fandom from our resident IT bookie. Somewhere under the balloons is a genuine Bears helmet that his dad gave to him and will surely and sadly be further bequeathed. He actually flew down to Florida with his Dad and two brothers to attend his beloved Bears Superbowl defeat in person. He’s due back in the office today. Stephen, we missed you.
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2 Comments to “Poking in the workplace”

  1. uncle ray

    I think that’s great!!! I’m a Bear fan and sadly have to deal with the defeat myself. But I always say that if you can dish it out you should be prepared to take the payback.

    Good for them!!

  2. Karridy

    He was a good sport about it. Even after I made this post. In actuallity, I would have preferred a Bears win, but this task of mine had nothing to do with football, as I know Uncle Ray understands 100%.