Dude, Pretty Poker

by , Feb 2, 2007 | 1:47 pm

We’ve got a super-secret-special live-action tourney coming up. And while most of you will not be taking part in the Pokerati Invitational♦07 — like really, what have you done for me lately? — I thought readers might enjoy a glimpse of what we’ve got workin’. Check it out … below is a mock-up of felt for the final table.

Maddest props to Pat the Awesome Tablemaker for his aesthetic handiwork, and Mike Simmons for the Batface logo he created.

It would make a really cool album cover, no? Maybe we should start a band.

9 Comments to “Dude, Pretty Poker”

  1. Fresh Princess


  2. DanM

    Why am I suddenly thinking about a Whitesnake video?

  3. Gentle Shane

    Hmmmmm. Elements of that felt look terribly “batface-y”. Not that I’m declaring trademark infringement or anything, but all things Pokerati are not Batface, etc.

  4. DanM

    Duly noted, Shane. Paying tribute. Re-spect, yo.

    This tournament has its roots in a game (the DSOP* warm-up, some may recall) that was very Batface-y before being Batface-y was cool uncool. In general, my intention with this annual event is to enthusiastically show my appreciation to the people that are poker special to me — heads and straights alike — and we went for an artistic representation of that.

    *Note: Even though the Batfaces have surrendered control of the DSOP, Pokerati will never forget!

  5. Edmund Hoyle

    Is that my spade you are using?

  6. jen

    awesome logo….and i like the batface logo tied with it, afterall didn’t a bunch of the batfaces used to write on pokerati?

  7. Ed

    You called that writing?


  8. DanM

    crap, you know what … it just occurred to me we shoulda incorporated some sorta hammer symbolism as well.

  9. Bundas

    Dan I hope I will get an invite to the big tourny.
    been wanting to play in this great event for a few years now….