Re: Government Gambling Wheels

by , Feb 3, 2007 | 6:54 pm

Texas supposedly has a “weak governor” system — where all the real power resides with the Lt. Gov. and the Lege. But it’s apparently not that weak … as Gov. Rick Perry just signed an “executive order” requiring all sixth grade girls to be vaccinated for HPV. Yeow.

No vote nor anything, but now it’s the way it is. If you are a pre-adolescent chickee, the government needs to inject you so men won’t get warts on their dicks from fucking you bareback to prevent cervical cancer. A few other old men will get extremely rich(er) off their legally enforceable access to your bodies … but hey, that’s not the point now, is it? Now please, enjoy your bump-free vagina (and .000004 percent increase in life expectancy) and be on your way …

Yep, with the stroke of his weak governor’s pen, Rick Perry — George Bush’s ace political understudy — has unilaterally imposed his will on millions of people. Awesome. He also happens to be one of the main guys in Austin pushing for various changes in Texas gambling laws.

I gotta think we might want him on poker’s side.

(Picture: Rick Perry speaking to the ever-poker friendly American Legion.)

UPDATE: Venerable Texas political observer Paul Burka points out that this is already one of the weirdest Legislative sessions he’s seen. And he has some extra insight into just how such an executive order might have come to fruition.

5 Comments to “Re: Government Gambling Wheels”

  1. Neko the Poker Hound

    How odd that this has recently coincided with the huge marketing blitz that Merck has been having for this new drug? Hmmm, let’s pad our coffers with the 12 year old children of Texas! We can take advantage of the ignorant, impovrished, or those who simply just don’t care. All the while…I guess I should by stock in Merck…

  2. DanM

    You know, I’m not saying that vaccinations are bad things … but I do find it interesting that it’s the Conservatives protesting, not the “pro choice” crowd.

  3. Mean Gene

    Oddly, Perry’s order contradicts the evangelical/conservative folks that are his base. The Christian Right doesn’t want girls to get the HPV vaccine because they think it promotes sexual activity. HPV is contracted through sex, so why do these girls need the vaccine? They shouldn’t be having sex! Ever! Abstinence until marriage, and even then, sex is only for procreation! No matter that thousands of women would die needlessly without the vaccine–they don’t want to give these girls the idea that consensual sex can be a good thing! Who do they think they are??

    In an ideal world the Legislature would approve this vaccine in 2 seconds and the governor wouldn’t have to dictate this by fiat. Of course, the last six years have taught us quite clearly that we don’t live in an ideal world.

  4. Neko the Poker Hound

    “In an ideal world the Legislature would approve this vaccine in 2 seconds and the governor wouldn’t have to dictate this by fiat. Of course, the last six years have taught us quite clearly that we don’t live in an ideal world.”

    OK Gene, you can’t be serious about this? “Thousands will die?” The number in the article is 3700 per year. So a woman who gets HPV has a 30% chance of never contracting a form of HPV that causes cancer. And if you do, and you are not getting paps, then your chance now falls into the 3700 out of 250,000,000 US citizens. Forgive my math, but it’s between 1 in 67 and 68 thousand. Meaning you are more likely to die from smoking, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cars, gunshots, the flu, or pnumonia first. Yet we need a political order for this? Spare me. I don’t want to sound cruel to the 3700 per year, but this vaccine costs something stupid like 120 per dose. We are talking about a disease that can be potentially prevented through education, and even then can be reduced through regular physicals, and finally even if all of these (which are cheaper on the state ie. the taxpayers) were to fail the death rate is still miniscule in relation to other forms of death.

    Not saying it’s not important, but arn’t there better ways to spend this money?

  5. DanM

    In Texas, supposedly 400 women died from cervical cancer last year. I should note that my calculated increase in life expectancy was just a guess … not Bill Chen quality math … but still, that is kinda the point … what are they really offering in terms of saved lives?

    And really, I swear I’m not against the vaccination. It’s just the political process I am commenting on. I love the idea of wiping out genital warts!. And hey, if it saves a few lives in the process, cool.

    So now that Rick Perry has cured cancer, can he get to work at saving poker?