by , Feb 8, 2007 | 8:33 am

A dealer once told me in Houston there is a common belief that if you raise with AQ, the flop will come “King Little Little”. Years later I have come to agree with this belief. Time and again I have looked down at that deceptively beautiful hand and with a glimmer of hope I watch the dealer in slow motion flop K-3-7.

My friend Suzanne Carpenter thinks I am crazy and she has become determined to find at least one person in Vegas that has heard of this “King Little Little” urban legend.

Not only is AQ a potential nemesis hand, but also it is what I like to call “The Break Hand.” This is because whenever you go on break during a tournament you can hear at least ten people on their phones saying, “and he had Ace-Queen” or “I had Ace-Queen!” I want to yell at these people, “its trash! Let it go, man!” But, I keep my secret to myself. Oops.

Am I the only one that has heard of the AQ story? Or is this just a poker urban legend?

8 Comments to “THE AQ URBAN LEGEND”

  1. sld007

    Daniel Negreanu once told me that he calls AQ “2.4”, since he has lost $2.4 MILLION playing it!!

  2. Fresh Princess

    I believe it SLD. Doyle Brunson says he will just throw it away.

  3. Pokerdog

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost with AQ suited or not. In my records, it’s a losing hand. Still, I can’t help but play it every time.

    I call it the 2.4 too. I lost a whole $2.40 with it on the micro-limits. lol.

    Fresh Princess- I thought it’s AJ that Brunson will muck everytime?

  4. DanM

    In tonight’s home game, Thum called me over to show his Ace-Queen against a board of King-little-little. Thought it took a while to realize why he was laughing, I started to wonder … But I got AQ twice and both times it did not come K-L-L … but it did come K-Q-little.

  5. irish-mike

    AQ my be over rated. but as with any hand I had to learn when to lay it down. Some folks hate JJ or QQ as I like to call them A and K magnets. They can payoff when the flop hits them or with a flop of let’s say 10-5-2 if you’ve bet them correctly pre-flop. The paradox is when the flop hits A-Q-A and you wish you did have A-Q, and when you do have it you can’t get any action.

  6. Fresh Princess

    That’s right Mike. AQ is a hand that requires one to lay down more often than not. Some people have a hard time breaking up with their ACE FACE. In theory, you would think if people followed the king little little story, they might have an easier time letting go.

  7. Venita

    I’d also heard that Brunson wouldn’t play A-Q under any circumstances, but I saw him play it a few weeks ago on High Stakes.

  8. Fresh Princess

    I think he wrote this in one of his books. But I’ve heard he plays it once in a while. Probably trying to mix up in front of t.v viewers.

    seriously, he probably treats it like a tiny pair.