The Field

by , Feb 19, 2007 | 12:20 am

Pre-registered, as of 2/23/07

Sang Yoo
Beti Nguyen
Michael Tiegs
Tommy Two Toes
Joe “Bundas”
Tim Bolin
Ed Mayhall
David Haney
Karridy Askenasy
Pat Mulry

Scott Fawcett
Mike Simmons
Peter Strelitz
Larry Dugger
Hillary Polly
Jennifer TK
Eric Celeste
Matt Sommer
Robert Wilonsky
Paul Tagg

Jason Kirk
Isaac Do
Brady Wyatt
Dan Ballenger
Paul Lackey
Todd Phillips
Gary Cohen
David Schnitzer
Tim Rogers

Adam McGill
Torrey Schoel
Sam Agha
Eddie Williams
Earl Beauvais
Robert Sanchez
John Manby
Eric Hanes
Marc Katz
Sultan Ali

Robert Sanchez
Lisa Cruze
Rubin Zuniga
(Jerry Dolan)
Melissa Miles
Dwyke Williams
Jerry Randack
David Nazem
Stephen Swienton
Aaron Mattox

Corey Stone
Tony Martin
Scotty Majerczyk
Chuck Pettigrew
Kym Bracken
Zach Barnett
Michele Lewis
Terry Lewis
Damon Ramirez
Jeff Davis

Michael Gonzalez
Eric White
Troy Phillips
Shane Keller
Alicia McCasland
Jon Knauf
Rustin Polk
Steve Waldo

Beth Laird
La Sengphet
Ed Abrams
Cathe Bragg
Yuri Kostun
Michelle Kostun
Lee Levy
Greg Miles
Mark DeSerrano
Whit Blanton

Jeremy Kraybill
David Leonard
Dori Swyhart
(Scott Chaffin)
(Jay Wagonner)
Craig Singer
Michael Zientz
Joseph Harris
Wade Bryan

6 Comments to “The Field”

  1. Eric White

    Straight E bitches!

  2. Sheesha

    Is Michael Gonzalez THE Gonz that we’ve heard so much about?!?!?

  3. DanM

    Nope. Different. Sorry, Sheesha, you will have to wait out another asterisk before you can poker with “the” Gonz.

  4. Gonz

    Sweet fucking Moses. It’s just Gonz. No article needed.

    And I would totally win this tourn-ah-munt.

  5. Bundas

    Dan has missed including himself in this great event!!
    unless he plans on not playing and Blogging the play by play for the people that did not recive an invite.

  6. Ed

    Dan doesn’t play in his events. Sure am missing not being at the game today. Got sick on Wed and have yet to kick it. Hope everyone is having a great time.