The Wynn Classic

by , Feb 27, 2007 | 1:29 pm

I’m not so sure what is classic about a new tournament but it will be held in a “classy joint”. Here is what I love about the Wynn Casino:

• Beautiful Poker Room without fake air freshener
• Wider buy-in range (I’ve seen 20k on a 1-2 game)
• Gorgeous Hotel Rooms
• Blackjack at the pool (with a lot of topless men)
• Easy access to poker from your room, garage and valet

Another bonus is the owner, Steve Wynn, the man that has always built a nice poker room (The Mirage & The Bellagio).

I will be playing in the limit event on Wednesday. I hear Marcel Luske and James Van Alstyne are already there. Should be a lot of fun with a tough field.

6 Comments to “The Wynn Classic”

  1. Bundas

    Good Luck on Wednesday! you should do very well after practicing with the tough field at the Pokerati invitational.
    Marcel luske and James Van Alstyne should be no issue.
    I will be watching the updates!!

  2. Fresh Princess

    Thanks Bundas!

  3. zach

    although the poker room is nice looking, it is tiny and crowded, unless they moved it since last summer. I do love there trny structure, i always recomend people to play it. i think it was 45 minute blinds. Got 3rd place the 1st time I played it.

  4. Fresh Princess

    Yes, it is smaller but the larger Bellagio plays ten handed on the small stakes games while the Wynn has a comfortable nine handed game. Lots of elbow room.

  5. Drizztdj

    Are there equal opportunities for topless women to be playing blackjack as well?

  6. Fresh Princess

    Yes, women are allowed to go topless, no I won’t be one of them.
    It wouldn’t matter for you anyway if you are in prison TDJ