Who’s this Brian Townsend guy?

by , Feb 12, 2007 | 8:53 pm

Just watching a little High Stakes Poker: the third season … and tonight’s episode started with a lot of “kids” at the table. One of them I recognized, but not really … Brian Townsend looks familiar to me, but not from TV, I just know I have seen him somewhere near a poker table. What is particularly curious about him is that he has bought in for $700,000 (according to Jennifer Harman’s estimate). But his career tournament winnings are only about $35,000 — less than TBR’s.

So really … where does Brian Townsend get his dough? He looks too young to be one of those big successful old-time cash players the big successful tournament players are always talking about.

UPDATE: He just introduced himself to Sammy Farha, claiming they played together at the Bellagio. Sammy’s response: [blank stare] “OK.”

7 Comments to “Who’s this Brian Townsend guy?”

  1. Garthmeister J.

    More linkage! A couple of blogs I read mentioned this guy – apparently he is a high stakes online player:


  2. on_thg

    Isn’t he “aba20” / “sbrugby”? A popular subject of discussion on the 2+2 boards.

  3. Drizztdj

    He’s sbrugby according to the rail chat on the $200/$400 NL game last night. And he does make a little more then $35K there. 🙂

  4. ScottMc

    I have been watching him for about 8 months and he is King Kong. To see the way he handles the biggest stakes online… he makes it look easy somedays. He could have some Ninja blood in him somewhere.

  5. Petroz

    Like others said he’s an online pro. He plays high stakes cash games, not tournaments.

  6. jason

    he has won 1.6 million this month as of the 24th he is having his best month ever.

  7. Billy

    He really is the boss. He owns everyone at fulltilt poker and is always sitting down with more thank 100k in front.