Can I Getta Amen?

by , Mar 23, 2007 | 9:25 pm

According to Pokernews, the WSOP has decided to double your starting chip stack on all events this year! This will eliminate some major complaints of players because the previous small stacks really didn’t allow much room to play poker. When starting stacks are small I think they should include a set of dice. How do you spell relief?

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  1. DanM

    No, yuck! One of the cool things about the WSOP was that $1 = TC$1. So when they’ve got a 10k ante in the main event … that really does mean that chip being tossed in pre-flop represents a player who got knocked out. won’t be the case anymore.

    But I guess they had to double all of them if they were going to double any … otherwise, players would be given an incentive to cheat. (ganking chips from one tourney for use in another.)

  2. Platinum Room

    Yes, and no. They have also increased/doubled the blinds at almost all levels, so you really don’t get any additional play.


  3. Fresh Princess

    Dan – I had read a while back that they would be using a different set of chips for the bigger events to eliminate that problem. Have you heard???

    Platinum Room – while they have increased the blind structures it still has increased play. For example, last year in the NL events ($1500) you started with an M of 30. This year with the new stack and new blind structure you will be starting with an M of 40.
    While your M hasn’t doubled to 60 players will at least have more room early on. The problem with the $1500 buy-in events was that if you didn’t catch cards by level three you were !#@@%@! Notice there are no dollar signs.
    For description on M see Dan Harrington’s books.

  4. Joe Rose

    With more chips and Play makes me want more to somehow get a sponser for the main event.
    Dan,karridy,Fresh Princess,Tom what do you think about pooling some funds to sponser a Dallas player in the main event. You get me the 10K and besides spliting the winnings I can push the Pokerati web site and TTP and try and sell more copies of OOP’s.
    What do you think?

  5. AlCantHang

    I am interested in discussing a possible WSoP Main Event sponsorship deal. If Pokerati wishes to sponsor me in the Main Event for the negotiated price, I make the following promises.

    1. Tattoo Pokerati, DanM, or the Last Supper on my forehead. Your choice.

    2. I will try my best to not get so drunk that I puke on the feature table.

    3. When I win the ME, my first act as reigning WSoP Champion will be to buy The Lodge and immediately install DanM as permanent Director and Evaluator of Talent with all perks associated.

  6. Bundas

    Why not just Offer Dan some Oral

  7. Bundas

    you know the more I think about offering Dan oral might work AlCantHang

  8. Fresh Princess

    If Pokerati sponsors me I promise to avoid litigation when I cash.

  9. Bundas

    Fresh I thought since you are a memeber of Pokrati you would already get a sponsorship as long as you don’t spill your water!

  10. Platinum Room

    Princess –

    It’s not my intent to be argumentative, and yes, these is a small M advantage in the first level of the new structure. However, in Level 2 of the new structure, your M is down to 20 (same as last year). In Level 3 it’s down to 10 (same as last year). So the same statement still holds true – if you don’t catch cards by Level 3, there are seats open in the cash games and at the Blackjack tables.

    Further, this year’s structure lacks the 1200-2400 levels and the 12000-24000 levels, so play will get faster at later levels. The worst changes are in the latest levels…

    Old: 10K-20K, 12K-24K, 15K-30K, 20K-40K, 25K-50K
    New: 20K-40K, 30K-60K, 40K-80K, 60K-120K

    Now, combine that with the fact that last year’s Final Table levels were 90 minutes, while this year they are 60 minutes, and those lucky few that make the final levels/final table will get a LOT less play for their money.

    I am a big fan of the WSOP and a Harrah’s stockholder, but let’s be honest…Harrah’s isn’t going to make any major changes that benefit the players to the detriment (in the form of time and resources required) of Harrah’s.

  11. Platinum Room

    p.s. The structures I compared above are for the $1,500 No Limit Holdem events, but the structures are generally pretty consistent across all NLH events except the Main Event.

  12. DanM

    Michele, I am pretty sure Platinum Room is familiar with the concept of M.

    And to both of you, have you considered that the double chips might also have something to do with the made-for-tv nature of the WSOP? It’s much sexier to see a guy raise $240k than $120k … and this could compensate for potentially smaller fields.

    Also, Michele, Al, and heck, PR, too … Pokerati will happily and proudly sponsor any and all of you in the $32+3 mixed limit/no-limit hold’em event at Luxor. You keep all the winnings … all I ask is that you wear a Pokerati hat.

  13. bundas

    Wow Dan I started the sponsership talk and you didn’t even shout my name out. I will be at the Holdem Radio live event at binons on may 18th and 19th I sure would wear a Pokrati Hat or shirt to Pimp the wensday night show what kind of a sponsership can I get for that event remember this is Two different tournys so like nascar the compinsation should be double.
    We have to get together soon so I can pick up some Pokerati gear.
    Also if you have anything you would like me to hand out when I’m there let me know. I should get in touch with Tom and see if he will be sending me a case of books to sell at the holdem Radio event.
    Karriady do you have any thing I should whore for you when I’m there

  14. Fresh Princess

    First let me clarify that the M response was never intended for Platinum but for any potential poker newbies that had just clicked-on (advised by the editor). Additionally, there was no assumption that you were being argumentative so you certainly don’t need to justify your post on my account. I’m much tougher than I look.
    That being said, I was pointing out that there is indeed a positive (despite only a slight margin) in the 1500 events (which were the problem). Yes, it’s not significant but it certainly helps. If you are out of the starting gate with an edge it’s up to the player to keep on, keepin’ on in the following levels.
    And trust me…I am always explaining to people that the WPT events look juicy with the starting stacks but it’s deceptive if you look at their structure compared to the WSOP. I am a huge WSOP structure fan and I am not happy about the blind change or the final table time change. However, I wouldn’t say there is a LOT less play because it’s only been reduced by 33%.
    The bottom line…it’s not the most incredible change in the world but it’s a bit better. Just like our bill on the floor here, it’s a start so think positive!!

  15. Fresh Princess

    If I make WSOP final table this year (not holding my breath with the new blind structure) I will do my best not to spill my water.

    I personally think 150k bet is still sexy, yet the networks do like a lot of chips in front of the players (size matters). But also keep in mind, years ago players finished the tournament much faster. Fields are so large it takes forever now. I had to play till 3am one morning because they couldn’t get the tournament “into the money”. I personally could have gone another five hours but Harrahs finally said enough is enough already.

  16. Bundas

    Dan I just had a chance to check out the official pokerati Hat and it does not surprise me that it looks like something you would design. because as you know people design things that they have intimate knowlege of!! and that hat is sure something you know about.
    but to wear that you would sure have to pay my buy in for both days

  17. Neko the Poker Hound

    And to both of you, have you considered that the double chips might also have something to do with the made-for-tv nature of the WSOP? It’s much sexier to see a guy raise $240k than $120k … and this could compensate for potentially smaller fields.

    – This was an argument that I made earlier on another forum. That it’s a “for TV” even since they are (logically) expecting smaller fields. But in addition to that didn’t they mention that they are slowing down later stage play to compensate for this?

  18. Fresh Princess

    Yes, absolutely. I also think it’s a matter of keeping up with the Jone’s (other tournaments with more chips). Kind of like $9.99 vs a full $10.00

    What will be most interesting is to see what happens next year. Will they keep this structure or return. They have kept the changes made to the restricted buy-ins (ladies, seniors & employee). They were given dollar for dollar until last year they made every event a minimum starting stack of 1500 despite a buy-in of 1k or 500.

  19. DanM

    Rick Fuller had a good post on a since dismantled blog on Bluff (or if it’s still there, I can’t find it) about how this differential encouraged cheating … meaning it was a positive EV play to buy into a $1k event (with 1,500 starting chips) to remove chips and bring them in to a $1,500 or bigger event.

  20. Fresh Princess


    Hey Platinum…where are you? My feelings are hurt because you went away!

  21. Platinum Room

    Platinum is here, my Princess!

    Sorry, but a “slight” improvement for exactly 60 minutes, followed by a decidedly shittier (is that really a word?) structure later down the road, does not deserve an “Amen!”.

  22. DanM


    Just to be clear, Rick wasn’t advocating the ill-minded chip exchange. He was pointing out one of the problems created by having different buy-in events with the same starting chip counts.

    It was apparently an issue that Harrah’s has effectively addressed for this year … but not without introducing its own new problems. I’m with PR on this one …

  23. Fresh Princess

    You’re absolutety right; However, the article from pokernews was a bit confusing on the structure so I’m glad you were able to shed some light on the true situation. I guess I am really just angry that my favorite structure in the world has been changed. So perhaps it should be changed to Dear G*D.