HB 3186 Update

by , Mar 26, 2007 | 4:24 pm

There will be a committee substitute next week. It will remove the limit on the number of tables an establishment may have and significantly lower the asset requirement on bars to apply for a permit to a monthly gross receipt of $7,500. This would, for example, make eligible about 25 establishments in Arlington and 4 Abilene.

I think this is good news! The hearing is set for next Tuesday. They may not vote on it that day, but they will take all pertinent testimony at that time. i hope to have a new copy of the bill soon.

The PPA has agreed to help us publicize our progress and the hearing. They will be sending an email I’m writing to their members in Texas (between 10-20,000) this week.

Stay tuned….

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5 Comments to “HB 3186 Update”

  1. Easycure

    Why don’t they send it to *ALL* their members?

    Wait, do they send emails out at all?

  2. Venita

    I have no idea how the process works, but . . . . down the line will there be a time when the PPA gets to offer evidence in a hearing that poker is a game of skill and not just luck? If so, several of the new Full Tilt Poker commercials would be excellent for that. They seem to be made with that angle in mind (obviously to bite back at the UIGEA), but the ones I’ve seen are a very visual, by-the-numbers way to illustrate the numerous, sometimes complicated decisions to be made during the course of a hand.

    For instance, the new one with Jennifer Harman. She’s watching the guy to her left as the flop is being dealt . . . her voiceover says “Speak to me, buddy . . . give me something, anything” as she looks for a tell. He spots the ace on the board and his eyes immediately shift away as he feigns disinterest. She knows he has paired his ace and so she mucks her pocket kings.

    And the one with Phil Ivey’s thought processes during a hand is fabulous.

    FTP would probably have to grant permission for use of the commercials, but it might be a possibility – at least something to think about.

    P.S. These commercials all can be viewed on the FTP website if anybody is interested. They’re really well done.

  3. DanM

    Easycure … I don’t know this firsthand, am only guessing here … but for those collecting email addresses, it’s important to “spam responsibly” … so sending information about a Texas bill to a bunch of folks in, say, washington state might not be the best use of spam equity.

  4. Ed

    Yeah. I know I hate sending out emails to The Hunger email list with info on shows in the Texas area because half of the folks on the list are not even in Texas.

    Oh and didn’t FTP join up with one of the pro poker associations recently? I remember getting an email from them and if I signed up with the place I got bonus dollars or something at http://FTP…or maybe it was a freeroll.


  5. DanM

    Yes, that was Full Tilt … they partnered with the PPA … where you got a deposit bonus for joining the ppa. or no, i know what it was … they matched your donation to the PPA with funds in your full tilt account.