I Outta, You Outta Be In Pictures

by , Mar 29, 2007 | 9:11 pm

If you need more cowbell then you’ll get it tomorrow when “Blades of Glory” opens. Although I was a champion figure skater (as a child) it’s really Dan that should be in this movie, being that he is gay so funny.

I know this isn’t about Poker but I need a quick distraction from kids, schools, grocery shopping, schools, Poker, Jamie Gold, Harrahs, Schools and my new kitten (replaced my recent loss) who crawls all over my keyboard. Furthermore, Dan isn’t qualified to make this post because his last ticket stub reads “Ice Castles” “Smokey and the Bandit.”

5 Comments to “I Outta, You Outta Be In Pictures”

  1. Karridy

    Wow Dan. Are you gonna take that from a pissant “corespondant”?

  2. Fresh Princess

    Stirring the pot there, Karridy. Of course he will take it! He wears PINK!

    BTW, my husband says it takes a real man to wear pink.

  3. Bundas

    “BTW, my husband says it takes a real man to wear pink.”

    Is your Husband Gay also ?

    Wait Hot Wife who is a Poker player. Even if he wears Pink he is my idol. I wish I was him !

  4. Fresh Princess

    Ha! No, he doesn’t wear pink, although my three year old daughter could probably talk him into doing so.

  5. Bundas

    Even though he dosen’t wear Pink He is My Idol!!