PI-07 Results

by , Mar 12, 2007 | 6:21 am

Shame on me for not getting these up earlier. Here are the results for the PI-07, where much fun was had by most:

(out of 74 players)

1st – Peter Strelitz – $4,000
2nd – Jerry Randack – $2,600
3rd – Tim Rogers – $1,900
4th – John Talmadge – $1,400
5th – Adam McGill – $1,100
6th – John Manby – $800
7th – Robert Sanchez – $600
8th – Alicia McCasland – $400
9th – Scotty Majerczyk – $300

— final table —

10th – Terry Lewis
11th – Mark DeSerrano
12th – Jerry Dolan
13th – Stephen Swienton
14th – Cliff Matthews
15th – Karridy Askenasy
16th – Michael Zeintz
17th – Beth Laird


5 Comments to “PI-07 Results”

  1. Robert Sanchez

    Hey Dan,
    Just writing to say thanks for the warm up tournament. Before the PI07 I hadn’t played in a few months and was a little rusty. I took the money I won fron the PI07 and played in the Winstar monthly $500 and won it.(Well we chopped it three handed but I had a big chip lead and took the majority of the money.)

    Buyin PI07 -$ 150.00
    1 Rebuy -$ 100.00
    Won +$ 600.00
    Buyin -$ 550.00
    Won +$13925.00
    Total Tips -$ 1085.00

    Made +$12640.00

    Not bad for two days worth of work!

  2. DanM

    Dude, bad ass, Sanbob! How was the competition at the Winstar 500 and how many players were there?

  3. Gonz

    *All results are invalidated since Gonz did not participate.

  4. Robert Sanchez

    Most of the heavy hitters from Dallas where there and there was a total of 127 players.

  5. Jamie D

    Well, I am new here and not sure what the “PI-07” is, but I do know one person on that list…

    …the bubble boy, Terry Lewis.

    Oh, do I know that bubble feeling. I bubbled 18 of 23 MTT onnline in the span of 1 month. My worst month in poker, yet my biggest learning experience.

    You can not learn what losing really is until you have lost!

    Better Luck next time, Terry!!!