Pokerati at the Tables

by , Mar 25, 2007 | 7:48 pm

Despite vast and important off-the-table work going on, your favorite correspondents at Pokerati all have/had some serious action on the felt this weekend. OK, well maybe some more serious than others, but still …

Tom Schneider is in Reno competing in the main event of the WPT’s World Poker Challenge. This is the event where last year he had his best finish to date, taking 3rd and winning more than $250k. (I’ll be following his action here.)

The Big Randy, Karridy, and I headed deep into some secret Texas sticks (along with Fawcett, Como, Sit-n-Go Steve, and Sang) for a big event against lots of men in cowboy hats. (Results to follow.)

Michele Lewis stayed at home in Houston trying to bank some coin on Full Tilt.

And Lavigne in Austin was able to take a break from the front lines of Texas poker legalization efforts to “[play] in a micro stakes home game at a friends bbq for his 2 year old’s birThday.”

Best luck to us all. Though Tom declined offers from me and Karridy to swap out 10 percent of ourselves over this weekend, I think we both will reconsider his counteroffer of giving up 100 percent of us for five percent of him.

2 Comments to “Pokerati at the Tables”

  1. Fresh Princess

    I wasn’t at home…I was in Costa Rica.

  2. DanM

    You’re talking “in theory,” right Michele?