Radio Babes

by , Mar 22, 2007 | 6:26 am

One of my favorite tasks at Pokerati is pimping out the Fresh Princess … dudes, like seriously, she rocks.

And today she extends her quest to become queen of poker-related internet multimedia by making her debut appearance on Hold’em Radio. Awesome. (And good luck, Michele!) Our favorite poker sensation (new title) will be joining Maryann Morrison and Amy Zupko on Women’s Poker Hour at 6 pm central … so be sure to listen, and maybe call in with a request for some Juice Newton.

4 Comments to “Radio Babes”

  1. Fresh Princess

    Ok, I have no problem admitting I sing out… “Playing with the Queen of Hearts” on a regular basis. I wouldn’t do it on the radio because I know “it’s not really smart.” That song reminds me of riding the bus to school in 5th grade. In fact, I sing the few lines I know so often my daughter likes it too.

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  2. Donkey Bomber

    I know 3 idiots that had a live radio show for more than a year that never came up with the idea of having a hot, young successful female poker player on their show. What a bunch of dumbasses those 3 guys are.

  3. Fresh Princess

    Well, it’s really just two guys because one of them is gay.

  4. Bundas

    Wow how could you say that about Karridy !!

    Tom if you had a TV show for over a year and didn’t have her on then I would say you were a bunch of dumbasses.
    but since it’s Radio and we have to imagine her hotness then why don’t you just call her this Wednesday night.