Re: Pokerati at the Tables (2)
Texas hold’em, water chickens, and TBR

by , Mar 26, 2007 | 3:03 am

They probably don’t want me writing about it … but I gotta say thanks to the good folks of [town deleted], Texas, who hosted what is probably pretty close to the bitchin’est tourney in the Lone Star State. It was a $300 buy-in with 279 players … held on a ranch about 142 miles from the middle of nowhere. 10,000 starting chips and a peaceful blind structure. Armed security provided by the local Sheriff’s Department.

People came in from Dallas, Austin, New Mexico, and numerous towns with four-figure populations in between. Tasty barbecue, fresh iced tea, a busted piss trough … good clean wholesome country poker fun. Gonz Theory holds, as TBR owned this thing … taking 2nd place (about $12k) after losing to some reportedly amazing double-suckout. Congrats, dude … seriously. You rock.

Fawcett also played well … coasting throughout the tourney with a way-healthy stack … and then admirably hanging on for dear life after losing most of it as he got near the money. Text from Fawcett about his finish: “30th paying 30 ship it.” Karridy finished 39th after a semi-bad beat that woulda put him near the chip lead had it been a different river.

SnG Steve and Sang made it about halfway through the field, I went out in 214th place, and Como (my pick for last-longest) went out even way before that. In his defense, he got taken down by quads. But still … It’s not surprising I guess, that the three guys who had the biggest problem waking up for a faraway 9 am tourney had the worst results.

A few other interesting observations:

  • In a nearly 300-player field, Sang was the only Asian. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in any poker event or any poker venue ever. When I pointed this out to him at the table, the man with mutton-chops on his left said, “Yep, welcome to Bubbaville.”
  • In Bubbaville, they call pocket deuces “water chickens.” Get it — ducks? Awesome …
  • TBR is a boring tournament player to watch because he plays very few hands. It’s like he’s capable of enduring a cold run by just folding and folding for hours.
  • TBR is a boring player to watch because his movements at the table are practically robotic.
  • When he does play hands, he often takes the pot without a showdown. Again … BOOORRR-ing.
  • When he does show down, he usually only reveals big cards. So uncreative … even if he was able to overcome his incredibly tight table image to get opponents to put all their chips in the pot when he has a monster.
  • He obviously just got really lucky.
  • The gold-plated horseshoes made for awesome dealer buttons.

11 Comments to “Re: Pokerati at the Tables (2)
Texas hold’em, water chickens, and TBR

  1. Ed

    Is this the event Karridy mentioned a while back in a blog post? Sounds like a great event for building the bankroll…once I get enough to be in an event with that kind of buy-in.


  2. Fawcett

    Hey Ed is that a shot at me? “I mean if Fawcett can cash it must be soft?”


  3. Karridy

    I’m kicking my self for not settling for cash on this. When I lost my last 43k, I left with Fawcett hanging on with about 8k. I’m not sure if any miracles were involved, but man.. It’s the classic struggle. Had the river been different, I woulda held up and taken the chip lead with 4 tables left. Or, I could played it safe and grabbed a few hundred. I guess I know I did the right thing, but my wallet disagrees and still isn’t talking to me. I think I’ll fart on it.

  4. Fawcett

    I had 105k with QQ in the BB and a 70k all in to me….I decided I was trying to win and called – AA…ouch. That was with 36 players left at 5,000-10,000. I held on with an m of 2 for about 2 orbits then when they announced we were in the money I chunked my last 10k in UTG with Q-8o…trying to ensure as much action as possible to triple/8x up and get back in this thing. Called by KK and Q-J – poker stove those odds, whoops.

  5. DanM

    If you were trying to win you shoulda folded, right?

    How many raises had their been before that? The fourth raise, you know, always means aces.

  6. Ed

    Fawcett, it was closer to “I mean if TBR can cash it must be soft?”

  7. Fawcett

    You were already at the Lodge, how would you know how many raises there were? UTG all- in for $12,000 at 5000-10,000…seemed irrelevent, then the all-in after that. Didn’t think AA was raising to isolate the 12k guy.

  8. DanM

    Yep … that’s a tough decision. not sure what I woulda done. In the end, i would think the likelihood of being up against AK would be enough to make me fold. Why race for that many chips?

    But I say that having made the call, thinking … “well, even if i lose, i still have plenty of chips” … only to be surprised at how many the other player actually did have when it comes time to ship it.

    TBR woulda folded, of course, because, you know, he plays boring poker.

  9. Fawcett

    I was hoping they might be sharing an ace.

  10. DanM

    Ahh, right. Of course hoping is seldom the best strategy.

  11. Fawcett

    They were sharing an ace…so had I hit my queen his redraw would have been very slim.