Semi-back in Action, Baby (!)

by , Mar 1, 2007 | 11:24 am

Ahh, I’m back. Sorry for the absence, particularly in such critical poker times. Boy, I have to admit, it was actually kinda nice to be computerless and free from the bonds of email replies, Firefox tabs, and obnoxious commentors I really missed each and every one of you.

The good news is that Pokerati has a brand new hard drive — where things are cleaner than ever — and newfound incentive to get all sorts of electronic shit in proper order. The bad news is that we lost an entire hard drive that may or may not have been “backed up” at some point in 2006.

So if you were one of about 700 people awaiting an email reply from me … well, it probably ain’t gonna happen. Sorry. Seriously. We lost all those emails — including ones from good friends looking to catch up, potential clients just itching to give us money, spammers looking to sell me a bigger penis, and born-again Christians looking to save our gambling souls. Free at last! I mean, damn, that really sucks. Another key document lost was our future-major-hunkin’ spam database. You see, for three years, whether you knew it or not, Pokerati had been accummulating personal and electronic data on thousands of poker players — amateur schleps and major pros alike. Creepy, I know. But supposedly this information is valuable, and I’m pretty sure it will prove difficult to recreate from memory.

Hey, that’s poker, right? Anyhow, we are back in action … sorta. I’m still working on reinstalling various software, which requires digging up all sorts of passwords, product keys, and encryption codes that were saved on the old hard drive and never written down. Thanks for your patience, and maddest props to Fresh Princess, Karridy, and The Big Randy for holding down the fort while I briefly considered jumping out a second-story window.


22 Comments to “Semi-back in Action, Baby (!)”

  1. Ed

    i feel for you…really. i mean just thinking of all that porn you lost brings a tear to my eye. if you need help getting some of it back i could burn a few gigs for ya. 😛


  2. BenMatlock

    I don’t think there is anything funnier than Tuff Fish…he’s truly an unknowing comic genius. There should be a contest on what people think he actually looks like. Start up a contest Dan. I’d go with Michael Jeter….

  3. Tim B.

    assume the lotus position and chant with me:

    …regular backups…RAID…regular backups…RAID…

    “RAID” = “redundant array of inexpensive disks,” not “SWAT screwing an MP5 in your ear”… and “regular” being somewhat more often than annually… probably more often than monthly for that super-important stuff like the spam database 🙂

  4. Neko the Poker Hound

    Wheeee! Me = Obnoxious commetor!

  5. DanM

    Um, ok … “brilliant” idea Ben.

    Starting now, we have a contest. Winner gets a subscription to Bluff, compliments of Smurfette’s husband (who won one by bubbling in the PI-07, but already has a subscription at home).

    My entry is below … Personally, I think Tuff_Fish looks something like this:

  6. Bundas

    I’m thinking more like this !!!

  7. DanM

    Is that Mike Caro, Joe?

  8. Bundas

    No but know that you say it kinda looks like him

    too funny!!
    hopfully that pic takes the prize I don’t get bluff as of now !!

  9. Bundas

    This could be what Tuff_Fish also looks like

  10. DanM

    You know the funny thing is, Joe, before meeting you last weekend, I always figured you (Bundas) to look kinda like this:

  11. Jen

    Welcome back to the cyber side of the world. Your experience encouraged a major back up of my Mac hard drive. Good luck gathering everything together.

  12. Bundas

    ok the wondering is over here is the link to an actual picture of Tuff_Fish.

  13. DanM

    Thanks, Jen. It’s good to be back maybe not really. I still haven’t gotten re-hooked into the wifi at Danang. (Do you have the 13-digit security key by any chance?) So for now am just piggybacking off a neighbor at 1 to 11MBps

  14. Jen

    yikes…1 to 11 MBps is quite a range..hang in there and I am looking…

  15. Bundas

    And dan before I meet you in person I thought this is how you looked

    and after we meet I was correct it is how you look

  16. Ed

    when i listen to that i can only think of one look…the kid from brooklyn.


  17. DanM

    Joe, I was thinking you should be disqualified for submitting multiple entries. But then you got presumably the real Tuff_Fish … which yeah, I can totally see it:

    You’ll note his daughter is also hocking (hawking?) t-shirts at this site. Potential bounty prize for PI-08?

  18. Bundas

    From another poker site that interviewed Tony Sandstrom (AKA Tuff_Fish)

  19. BenMatlock

    when he stammers, he sounds like…

  20. Bundas

    Dan whats the time line on the contest?
    I kinda like the pic of Rosco P Coletrain ( GU GU GU )
    Next were going to se a pic of Boss Hog

    we already have one of Dan as Dasiy

  21. RedBarracuda

    awesome site… may I add you to my blog list?

  22. Fresh Princess

    When are you going to be honest with the readers and let them know you were really partying your ass off at Mardi Gras. Pulling your shirt up for beads between pukes off the balcony.

    Here is my tuff fish