The Pokerati Correspondent Player Rankings

by , Mar 26, 2007 | 1:36 am

Determined subjectively by me:

1. The Big Randy
2. Donkey Bomber
3t. Fresh Princess
3t. Karridy
5. DanM
6. Lavigne in Austin

Will establish rules, criteria, and prize as we go along.

10 Comments to “The Pokerati Correspondent Player Rankings”

  1. The Big Randy

    Insane. Last time I check, Michelle and Tom were the ones making WSOP and WPT final tables.

  2. Lavigne in Austin

    I should probably be 10th or something.

  3. DanM

    Yes, but they haven’t made it past a Day 1 in 2007. This is “of the year.” Dude, congratulations.

    As to Lavigne’s 10th … dude, there are only six people on this blog who post. 6-max.

  4. Karridy

    I agree with SnG’s verbal response to this, “[We] should play 5 online SnG’s and let the points do the talking”. Don’t take this as me saying that I’m anything less than trilled to share a spot with somebody so hot. ..err… I mean good.

  5. Lavigne in Austin

    i stand by my 10th anyway.

  6. Ed

    When is the next Pokerati Online Invitational? Bodog is friendly and loves our money…we can do it there. I would be able to make it even if I was sick and stuck at home!


  7. Fresh Princess

    Uhhhh, I just got lucky.

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  9. Donkey Bomber


    You ignorant slut. Are you crazy? No way I should be on top of the Princess. She can play. However, I would like to have a little game with the bottom 3 on your list. Karridy is in some hypnotic slump, you, well I don’t need to comment much more than your posting of your horrible beats you’ve been taking with the 8-4 hands. Last but not least, would love to play with Lasagna. I would eat him up.

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