Writer’s Block

by , Mar 20, 2007 | 10:58 pm

Dan says it’s time for me to post something, but I don’t have an original thought in my head. I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything in there. So, what can I do? I’m going to see if the readers of Pokerati have any ideas. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about. If your idea is the first one I choose, I’ll mail my book, “Oops! I Won Too Much Money!” to you. Let’s see how creative you can get.

14 Comments to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Jason

    Here’s one for you: you play in a lot of high-stakes games, but I also know you’ve played 1-2 NL and the like. People who only play low limits often assume that you have to work your way up to the higher limits, along the way earning enough skill to compete in high-stakes games. Can you dispel that belief? Or do you actually find any truth in it?

  2. Gonz

    Fuck that. Instead, answer a question we’ve all wrestled with from time to time: Now that you’ve gotten into bed with Dan, do you wake up feeling dirty and/or suicidal? And when Dan blogs about playing 8-4o in the same post as wanting to improve his money management, do those thoughts increase?

  3. Donkey Bomber

    I’m going to let a few more people respond, but so far it’s a tough race. Although, any post that starts with “fuck that” is always going to be a pretty solid candidate.

  4. Ed

    I would love to see you write up some interesting poker stories. You have been around (the poker scene) for a while now…you gotta have some good ones to tell us around the campfire.


  5. Tiny B

    Gonz is awesome.

  6. Karridy

    I personally would love to read an to Jason’s question. Specifically where do the stakes/skill lines seem to deviate the most?

  7. bunkousebob

    what is it like to be worshiped like a god after winning pokerati 06? does this in any way feel like making the final tables you have made before?

  8. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Was gonna say post an answer to the following: “Does poker mitigate or magnify the existential crisis of trying to make meaning of one’s life?” But that’s been done to death . . .

    How about a report from the tourney trail? How have things gone to date? And what’s next?

    (If selected, please ship prize to Gonz. Like most sane people, I’ve already secured my copy of Oops!)

  9. Jason

    Gonz truly is awesome. Like a million hot dogs.

  10. DanM

    Boy, so much Gonz love. It’s like you people actually enjoy reading him or something. I always saw him as kinda a one-hit-wonder poker blogger.

  11. John

    Tom, I would like to hear some behind the scenes WPT Final Table stories. I just watched the 2006 World Poker Challenge episode last week. There have to be some funny “when the cameras aren’t looking” stories. I would also assume that there are a lot of breaks while they do TV things, does that mess up the flow of the game? Lastly, one of my favorite things about watching a WPT event is seeing the players not in a hand rooting against the short stack in an all-in situation so they can move up in the money. Any thoughts about that? Cheers.

  12. Gonz

    I’m a champion of the people, Dan! Now where’s my book?

  13. Donkey Bomber

    The contest is over. Read Oops! Winner declared!

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