Beyond Beyond the Table

by , Apr 24, 2007 | 1:14 am

As mentioned below, Tom is doing rather well in the WPT Championship after Day 2. (This could be the tournament my fantasy team needs! Don’t let me down, guys, I got $20 riding on your results!)

Here is some plausibly interesting raw audio of my two Beyond the Table cohorts recapping Day 1 — with intense, hardcore hand histories to boot:

Tom Schneider/Karridy Askenasy4/22/07

Highlights below:

0:55 — Tom vs. Cyndi Violette, Ralph Perry, Alan Goehring, and Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf
1:40 — Tom fails to maximize a monster boat against a smaller boat against Goehring
4:10 — Tom on Woolf’s sharpness — losing as little as possible with “top-top” vs. Tom’s set of deuces
7:10 — Goehring’s min-raise strategy ==> implosion
8:30 — WPT structure: 5 levels of play = Yea!
9:15 — Anna Wroblewski, chip leader, pulls the cute-pretend-drunk-girl-spilling-a-beer trick to flop a flush and triple up
10:00 — Brandi Hawbaker flopping 10 sets at Tom’s table (in a previous event) to finish 36th
11:20 — “We love to bag chips”
11:40 — Casino Arizona representin’ (8 of Tom’s buddies still alive)
12:00 — Day 2 strategy
12:40 — Karridy predicts cards will “hit you in the head”
13:00 — Playing post-flop small-ball
14:55 — Cyndi Violette misplays a hand?
16:10 — Karridy loves CardPlayer, Tom loves PokerNews

7 Comments to “Beyond Beyond the Table”

  1. Bundas

    Go Tom Go !!
    hey and with the long gruling days atleast Toms eating right. Is that a diet Coke with your banana?
    Tom WPT

  2. Karridy

    Hey MonkeyBomber.. How bout a card protector that is a little less phallic?

  3. Bundas

    Looking good! Just checked Tom has Made the Money since there paying top 100 and only 92 left and he is 29th in chips at this moment!!!

    GO TOM GO !!!!!

  4. Bundas

    So I guess I was wrong didnt relize the # system being used buy card player. Dosent look like Tom made the money
    Sorry Tom you will get them next time ! We will be rooting for ya !

  5. Donkey Bomber

    Hey Bundas,

    As long as you are posting my picture, the least you could have done is gotten out the airbrush and help a guy out. And yes, Diet Coke. All fat guys drink Diet Coke.

  6. DanM

    Tom, I like how the beard makes you look like you have a chin. Very clever!

  7. DanM

    there is nothing to see here. these are not the dorids i am looking for.