Beyond the Table is Back (Baby!)

by , Apr 7, 2007 | 4:18 pm

Tom, Karridy, and I took a week off to reconstitute and restructure our show/the best poker podcast in the history of the universe … and now you too can share in the stereophonic delight.

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    Part 3 (20:14, 18.5mb)

On this week’s episode, you get to hear us ramble aimlessly on such pertinent topics as:

  • Embracing new technology
  • Legalizing poker in Texas
  • Pissing on the floor at a craps table
  • TJ Cloutier’s bracelets
  • The Jamie Gold Redemption Tour — new hero or still an a-hole?
  • A strange Harrah’s press release about rule infractions
  • The power of “top-top” and other tournament rules
  • Strong means weak when it comes to gay bars
  • What it’s like being on TV, and particularly HDTV
  • Wordsmithery and ish-ness
  • Telling the truth about your hand and improperly exposing hole cards
  • More about Tom on Cash Poker
  • More on language, usage, and vis-a-vis hookers … aka Beyond the Dictionary
  • The fine art of link whoring
  • Karridy’s tournament performance in Middle of Somewhere, Texas
  • The Asian man I live with
  • Programming Tivo to record Cash Poker
  • Proper syndication of BTT content

Wow, that’s a lot of shit, no? Definitely worth wasting an hour of your life to eat and digest.

8 Comments to “Beyond the Table is Back (Baby!)”

  1. Donkey Bomber

    Even if you don’t like our show, the intro is the coolest intro in media anywhere. Karridy outdid himself on all of the intro and outro music. Very cool stuff. Should we stop bragging now? Oh, I almost forgot to mention my book.

  2. bunkousebob

    you did everything but tell us when it would be on live

  3. DanM

    bob, it will never be on live. this is the way we keep the Man guessin’ … however, we may be able to do a “Skypecast” one of these days. No promises, however.

  4. Bundas

    So BTT will be podcast weekly. Is BTT not involed with Holdem Radio at all?

  5. Karridy

    Hey, Bundas. Always good to see you in here. We’ve decided to abandon the “Live” format for something that we can have a little more control over, given the increased requirements for flexibility due to each of our carzy schedules. We also hope that this will allow us to really put our hands into the show and deliver an even better product as a result. All indications so far lead us to believe that all is coming to plan. So, yes, you will have a fresh episode of Beyond The Table every Friday morning. And now that we have the streaming/pop-up player working like a charm, you will also have a corresponding Friday morning post here on Pokerati to remind ya.

    When you get a chance, let us know what you think about the new format, Joe!

  6. Fresh Princess

    I like Holdem Radio; However, I was rarely able to listen to your show because of the time. Now, I can download and take you guys in my car!!!!

  7. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Great show, fellas. Very laughy.

  8. J.E.H.

    Any way that you can produce it to iTunes so that it’s not broken up into 3 parts? Kind of a PITA to have to download manually, since a subscription only seems to pick up the very newest part.