Ouchiest Ouchy Hand and Subsequent Murmur

by , Apr 7, 2007 | 7:20 pm

There were two hands talked about in Austin last week more than any others. One was relayed by Crandell Addington … when Doyle Brunson flopped a set of Aces and laid down a boat on the turn in like 442 AD. (Brunson was right … the other guy had quads, which would go on to lose to bigger quads on the Nile.)

The other was this hand, between Clonie and Vanessa Rousso on Cash Poker … which is basically like High Stakes Poker, only a bit smaller of a game and grittier:

Wow. After that, somebody clearly needs a big hug.

6 Comments to “Ouchiest Ouchy Hand and Subsequent Murmur”

  1. lavigne in austin

    nasty. hurts just to watch.

  2. Dave Westbay

    I’ll volunteer to provide the big hug, to either or both of the ladies in that hand. I mean, if we poker players don’t support each other, who will?

  3. Karridy

    I love seeing a player scramble for cash on TV. We’re getting closer.

  4. The Big Randy

    Wow, love the grit factor. I feel for Clonie there. You can see it in the look on her face: first, she’s realizing the suckout, second, she’s thinking, “wait a second, was that some kind of angle shot with the whole ‘a think I have to call’ bullshit”? then third, the realization that Russo probably got totally lost in the hand and wound up with the winner. WOW, such hurties.

  5. Fresh Princess

    If she reads Pokerati then you’re really dropping lemon juice on the wound, no?
    I think the flop on Doyle’s hand was A22. Weren’t you listening?????

  6. DanM

    Actually, the flop was A-2-4 … turn was a 2, and river was a 4.

    (Doyle had AA, other guy had 22, and other other guy had 44.)

    As to wounds, you know what makes it even worse? The people playing on Cash Poker don’t get paid to play …

    On HSP, they get $1,500/hour for playing. On Cash Poker, players have to pay the “show” (which is really an infomercial) $1,000 for the privilege of putting their $25k on the line.