Firefox Conspiracy?

by , Apr 24, 2007 | 1:01 am

Umm, look up … the gray navbar … something about it has changed. I know I had nothing to do with it. But someone’s apparently been messing with code. I was all set to blame The Fat Guy, but he’s not artistically inclined as such. Karridy? You know some secret passwords, and have mad skillz when it comes to simplified navbars. OK, I doubt it was you, because you have that “family” and all, which generally prevents you from committing evil. And actually, it works/looks fine in IE … and I know that’s where a former Microsoft programmer like yourself would do your dirty work. So whatdafug could be up? WordPress? Firefox? Killian?

Either the internet has got to be rigged or Pokerati is trying to punish me for spending so much time on Myspace lately.

4 Comments to “Firefox Conspiracy?”

  1. DanM

    Hmm, the more I look at it, the more I kinda like the green button when you are clicked on a category/page. Nice work mystery hacker.

  2. Scott Chaffin

    The highlighted nav button is the way it was always supposed to work. I don’t remember ever checking for it, though. It’s odd that here on Pokerati, it’s only working on IE. Considering all the wacky hoops of your navbar, though, I’m glad it works, period.

    PS Nobody needs any more art than dogs playing poker.

  3. Bundas

    Ok Dan why didn’t I get the Password for the Secret Forum since it was my idea dont you think I should be able to add to the what I am sure is great Idea’s
    being tossed around in the Secret Forum

  4. Ed

    Everything looks good now. Was going to write the other day and mention how Opera did not like the new “Secret Forum” area being added because it wrapped the nav bar like the Pokerati Invitational diamond had done when you had it up there.

    I love doing web development!! Nothing like creating a site and getting it perfect…then remembering you should check it in one of the browsers you do not use often and finding out it looks like shit there.