Fresh Poetry For The WPT

by , Apr 27, 2007 | 8:57 am

And so it be that Paul Lee
Has led the final six to be on TV
Playing strong after sitting so long
A sigh of relief now that Hellmuth is gone

With Carlos, Guy, Kirk, Mike & Tim
Playing today for a 3.9 Million win
It’s Day 6, you see at the WPT
And favored to win is the new guy Paul Lee

BTW, Kirk Morrison won the Jennifer Harman event.

And Guy Laliberte is the founder of Cirque de Soleil.

3 Comments to “Fresh Poetry For The WPT”

  1. DanM

    You’re mad at me for never linking up that other site of yours, aren’t you?

  2. Fresh Princess

    Nope, just keepin it real, Dan. Just keepin it real.
    Real Girly that is…

  3. DanM

    By the way, I actually just read the poem — like with a literary eye — and I gotta say … not bad! You gotz rhyming skillz!

    (But then again, what should we expect from the Fresh Princess of Bellaire, right?)

    — DJ Jazzy Dan