Hate MySpace

by , Apr 19, 2007 | 2:34 am

OK, seriously, I can’t believe how much time I have wasted today clicking around on Myspace … and there’s not even any nudity! Nope, it’s just been stumbling across old friends and colleagues, new friends, family members … seeing new hairstyles, learning random but important tidbits about people (huh, whaddya know – she’s engaged!), reading random comments, etc. Total bullshit.

But I did get this message a lot, which I found kinda amusing:

Error: You must be someone’s friend to make comments about them.

Ahh, if only that we’re really true.

2 Comments to “Hate MySpace”

  1. Uncle Ray

    It’s “were”, not “we’re”, but I guess that’s nitpicky seeing the time you wrote it. And I guess you just weren’t (did I do that right?) seeing clearly after staying up to look for the replays of all the Rangers hits last night. (No nudity in those highlights either).

  2. Fresh Princess

    You are not Pokerati’s friend. You ARE Pokerati, make sense?

    Nudity? Don’t you live close to a 7-Eleven?