I hereby dub thee “Kid Pyrite”

by , Apr 21, 2007 | 8:48 pm

The reigning WSOP Main Event Champ, Jamie “Kid Pyrite” Gold, is up to his tricks again, this time at the $25,000 Main Event at the Five Star World Poker Classic. Seriously, when is this guy gonna learn?

From: CardPlayer

Jamie Gold’s Breach of Etiquette
With a board showing AQ8, the player in seat 2 bets $2,000. Following a conversation about playing styles, Jamie Gold says, “Respect” to the player in seat 2 and exposes the A and mucks his hand. The player in seat 9 shrugs his shoulders as he has yet to act. Upon realizing his breach of etiquette, Gold apologizes numerous times. The player in seat 9 responds by re-raising $6,000. The player in seat 2 folds and Jamie Gold asks the table if he is allowed to play properly again.

I might be willing to give him a little slack, but he’s been turning over bluffs to Tuan Le all night. My new theory: Jamie is a woman.

Requires tremendous amounts of attention
Able to nag you into submission
Pixie nose
Unisex name

Okay… I can’t say much about the name. But there are no girl Karridy’s… That I know of.

Update Before I could even publish this, I see that Tuan Le doubled through Pyrite. Love the semi-instant kharma!

23 Comments to “I hereby dub thee “Kid Pyrite””

  1. Killian Adams

    Definitive proof that online poker is rigged. What the online poker sites DON’T want you to know.
    See the Proof Online Poker is Rigged Here!

  2. DanM

    Indeed, that’s why Jamie Gold ended his relationship (reportedly worth $20 million) with Bodog … because he had come to the honorable conclusion that online poker is rigged, and he wanted nothing to do with such a nefarious business. Everybody knows this is true. Live poker is rigged, too.

  3. Karridy

    Killian Adams is a shmuck. Here’s a quote from his website, detailing a hand that proves that online poker is rigged. In the particular hand, he goes up against a known online pro, who he feels received a “favorable” hand.

    “I have Q,Q under the gun and raise to 3000 with blinds at 500/1000. The internet player behind me calls and the rest fold. The flop comes J,9,5 with two clubs and I bet 2000, trying to suck him in. He calls. The turn is the ten of clubs and I push all-in for 18000, making sure to protect my hand against the flush. He calls with A,J of clubs and knocks me out.”

    The 3x raise PF was ok. But reducing your followup betting is the opposite of protection against a flush. So what does he do when a flush hits? All-in! Fucktard. And then he goes on to say how badly this hand was played by the other guy who flopped top pair, with 4 to the nut flush. IMHO the only mistake the guy made was not re-raising your ass after the small 2k flop bet.

    The internet got a litle dumber today.

  4. Killian Adams

    That was a hand played at the live tables, where one can expect a normal number of bad beats, not what you would see online. The player in question, who was a horrible riverchaser suckout fish, proved how bad these “internet pros” play.

  5. Karridy

    Again, he did nothing wrong. I don’t even know why I’m arguing with a blog spammer, but after the turn, when you so brilliantly decided to push, there were a ton of hands that could beat you. JJ,99,55,J9,J5,95,TJ,T9,T5,TT,78,KQ,8Q, and/or any 3 clubs you can imagine (so many, I’m sure I missed a few). PLEASE, before you try to become an authority to the point of spewing your BS into real, reader serving blogs, learn a thing or two about the game. You played that hand HORRIBLE and what’s worse is that you believe that it is such a defining example of your conspiracy theory.

    The only intelligent thing about this is that you seem to be a master at getting people to comment on your blog to tell you how stupid your claims are. And with a required email address field, I’m sure you’ll have some spam food in no time. But that might be giving you WAY too much credit.

  6. DanM

    **The internet got a litle dumber today.**

    C’mon Karridy, don’t be so hard on yourelf.

  7. son of sue

    Karridy, we may have had a small pissing match in the past, but I want to thank you for inadvertently leading me to Killian’s website. I have honestly not laughed so hard in a long time. What a complete nutjob. Congratulations Killian, I haven’t seen such a bull shit, conspiracy laden, attention whoring website since climatecrisis.net

  8. Killian Adams

    Son of Sue,
    Drop the act my friend. We all know you’re being paid to make these comments. There’s no need to deny it any longer. Take your pro-online poker shill garbage to twoplustwo.com. Thanks.

  9. Killian Adams

    Karridy I know the truth hurts. Since you are so adamant in your claims I am going to assume you are a winning player. I know there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’re winning money based on your skill advantage, as I have felt this playing live for a long time, but the truth is that you only won because you were one of the redistribution algorithm’s chosen few. Good luck at the tables.

  10. Karridy

    SoS, I agree 100%

    Killian, Fine, but how do you explain the fact that the letters in your name also spell “Kids in a llama”. Interesting… Very Interesting indeed.

  11. Mulry

    Play for rollz!!!

  12. Fawcett

    I am going to start using “Fucktard” as often as possible. Finally something of real value comes out of Pokerati!

  13. DanM

    I think Pauly gets credit for originally coining that phrase. (Not to take away from Karridy, however, who skillfully wielded it here.)

  14. Tim B.

    are you kidding me? man fucktard has been around for… well, at least a decade if not longer… i dont remember the first time i saw it but it may have been as far back as the dialup BBS days in the late 80s and early 90s…

    and killian:

    do yourself a favor and look up occam’s razor in a book or on wikipedia or something. seriously, which is more likely:

    that there is a vast coordinated conspiracy of epic proportions seeking to manipulate an online game, in direct contravention of the fact that such manipulation in NO WAY provides an increased benefit to the perpetrators of said conspiracy.

    — OR —

    you suck ass as a holdem player.

    this is of course ignoring the fact that an alien quantum supercomputer would be required to execute such a conspiracy. i suppose that brings up another possiblity though: the space aliens hate you and have brought their awesome power to bear just so they can laugh at your misery. perhaps you should ensure youre wearing a tinfoil hat before playing online in the future?

  15. Killian Adams

    Which poker site is paying you to make such comments? Is it Full Tilt or Riverstars? Either way no alien quantum supercomputer would be required, in fact only a simple extension to the affiliate tracking software that these sites already show to all of us would be needed. And Occam’s Razor tells me that the poker sites are making tons and tons of money, with profit margins far more than any legitimate business could have, meaning there must be something shady going on. As an expert hold’em player who has read all the books, plus has had 100+ hours at a solid winrate of two big bets per hour live, I know that the simplest explanation for my losses is that the deal online is rigged against the winning player. Especially when one considers that both winning streaks I have had have both come right after a cashout.

  16. Fawcett

    Here is my first usage of “Fucktard” I promised in #12 above. Killian, a goal for you should be to one day rise to the level of a Fucktard.

  17. Tim B.

    sigh… you clearly didnt actually go find out what occams razor means.

    all ribbing aside though… and i mean this, im not being sarcastic or facetious here… there are medications that could dramatically improve your quality of life. ive read your website, ive seen your posts here and in rgp and other places, and its very clear you would benefit from some kind of psychiatric intervention. i wouldnt be surprised at all to find you suffer from delusional disorder (grandiose type), paranoid personality disorder, or possibly even some form of schizophrenia (although you dont SEEM psychotic…)

    im no fan of psychiatry in general or psychiatric medications in particular, and i realize im wasting my breath, but as someone with loved ones facing similar problems i feel it would be both unkind and irresponsible not to at least suggest it to you…

  18. son of sue

    This dude is obviously joking. 100 hours at the tables? Congrats man, I’m willing to bet most of us spend more than 100 at the tables every month.

    Congrats Killian. You have sucessfully rilled up who knows how many people. Jokes on us.

  19. Killian Adams

    It is you that is being delusional my friend (unless of course you are a shill for the online poker sites, in which case it all makes sense.) Some people refuse to believe the truth even when it is put right in front of them – as I have done on my website at great service to all open-minded online players. I think it is just because they are so blinded by their profits that they refuse to consider any possibility other than that it was due to their own personal skill, not any favoritism or rigging from the online poker sites.

  20. DanM

    Guys, don’t be too harsh on Mr. Killian. He is trying to engage in intelligent conspiracy theory … and if you saw the movie with Mel Gibson, you’d realize sometimes these guys get it right. I loved the part where he blew shit up.

    Mr. Killian … we will actually take what you have to say quite seriously when you can provide any evidence that can’t be explained simply by “math.”

    I am being for real … if you have factual info about, for example, meetings taking place at PartyPoker where specific individuals laid out a plot … or perhaps a memo with “RE: More Rigging Now!” … then you would not be dismissed as a kook. Trust me, Pokerati readers are morons … and I must be, too, because originally I thought you were just robotic spam. But as things stand right now, your evidence is not convincing, so I doubt you will find support from anyone credible. Sorry, just letting you know the realities you are up against — something good poker players understand the importance of.

    But another suggestion for you … I forget what this is called in Calculus, but there’s a way you can prove something by showing the existence of the opposite. So if you could show us ONE sight that IS NOT rigged … then you might actually be able to prove that others might be. But again, this is a math issue, and Pythagoras might be part of the conspiracy.

    P.S. Just look at PartyGaming’s stock chart, and you will see the FTSE is also probably rigged. Same holds true for capitalism and love.

    P.P.S. Where is Gentle Shane when you need him?

  21. DanM

    P.P.P.S. I just read some bits of Killian’s actual site. My apologies to the readers for spending any time on this at all.

    If you want real, reliable information about online cheating and other unsavory shenanigans, I recommend you become a regular reader of Bill’s Blog, as he is a good and honest insider who knows he could make WAY MORE money from exposing a conspiracy, as opposed to concealing it.

    P.P.P.P.S. Email is also rigged!

  22. Gentle Shane

    I generally agree with Killian that online poker is a bad thing. The drinks are WAY too expensive.

    Now, for a few more serious questions for Killian…

    1). Even though Ted Kaczynski was convicted of the Unabomber crimes, he has never openly admnitted that he is, in fact, the Unabomber. On the other hand, Phil Laak has embraced the moniker. Why would he do such a thing? I think the wrong man is in jail while the true criminal is frequently depositing is semen-goo in or around the genitalia of some B-movie skank.

    2). Johnny Chan and Kim Jong Il have never been seen in the same location at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.

    3). Ditto the above for Chris Ferguson and either Jesus or Satan.

    4). Clonie Gowen is constantly “killing it” in the cash games, yet she still owes Dan $500. How could this be?

    5). It has been rumored that chips used on “High Stakes Poker” actually carried no real value and that the bundles of cash were, in fact, outdated and worthless pesos. Furthermore, Daniel Negreanu did not claim the losses from any of these sessions on his income tax returns. Is it possible that the real purpose behind this programming is to implant hidden, subliminal messages in the minds of viewers?

    6). Along these lines, I recently played a Full Tilt commercial backwards and distinctly heard the phrases “Ringo is dead” and “two club sandwiches for the price of one at the Flamingo”. Some explain THAT?!?!

    7). The only location in the United States attributed to an individual catching SARS is the low-limit blackjack area at Caesar’s Palace.

    8). The original corporate approved tagline for a major online gaming site was “Party Poker – It’s Rigged”. This was mysteriously changed for reasons unknown.

    9). Chris Moneymaker is only capable of winning at poker while holding either 4-5 or K-J.

    10). Strippers absolutely dig Sang, regardless of the locale. He’s never picked one up on Bodog, though. This is an impossible coincidence.

  23. DanM

    Awesome, Shane … I knew you’d be able to shed some light on the conspiracy. By the way, just so YOU know … Clonie I and reached a “settlement.”

    Also, I think you might be confusing Johnny Chan with Can Kim Hua: