Re: Another Big Poker Bust (3)

by , Apr 15, 2007 | 6:17 pm

The news keeps trickling in … and still no arrests reported from either of the four recent poker “raids” — at DC’s, Top Shelf, the Island Club, or the VFW. (Can we really call them raids if there’s no semblance of violence?) Not sure what the police have in mind. Either they’re respectfully responding to citizen complaints about the aggression with which they handled previous poker round-ups … and/or they are conveniently “responding to citizen complaints” while looking for something bigger. Gotta be, right?

Hey Dan DC’S was in Dallas and open for about a year. No arrests were made only citations. Also the dealers and workers at the V were released with a message that the police department would be in touch after having a mug like picture taken.

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  2. wendy fincher

    Like there are not enough other violations besides people that play a simple game of poker.There are child molesters living 2 blocks from my house which is three blocks from the school.I know the tax payers money would be much well spent on predators that are attacking our children and not playing poker.Granted there could have been a child molestor that you busted but wouldnt the time and money they spent on busting the poker rooms be much better spent catching child molestors?