Re: Another Big Poker Bust

by , Apr 15, 2007 | 4:45 am

Dallas po-po says they know about “a majority” of local games. And even though we have yet to see a single conviction (by judge or jury) of more than 200 potential defendants, here’s a list of underground poker rooms put out of business recently: (Feel free to add if I missed any — but, hey, don’t go naming your friends just to be funny!)

Ace High
R&R #2
VFW-Audie Murphy
Top Shelf
Island Club
DC’s Poker House

Previously and outside of Dallas proper
EV Enterprises (Richardson)
Sons of Italy (McKinney)
Poker Pound (Duncanville)
R’s Game (Addison)
R&R (Carrollton)

Hmm, wow … OK, it looks like they’ve gotten all of ’em. Yep … all gone. No more cardsy fun for citizens to complain about. Now poker players can take up new hobbies en masse … like fishing/bowling/golf/panhandling/beekeeping/graffiti.

6 Comments to “Re: Another Big Poker Bust”

  1. Phoenix

    and the second R&R

  2. Phoenix

    Sons of Italy (Mc Kinney)

  3. Phoenix

    Oh wasn’t there one in Louisville………….
    Man! I’m so glad Im going to Vegas to deal

  4. DanM

    Hmm, yeah, I guess we should put the ones not in Dallas proper.

    Do you know what city R&R was in?

  5. itsoverjonny

    First R&R was in Carrollton
    R&R v2.0 was in Dallas (proper)

  6. (anon)

    I never heard of island club. but the other 3 places were the easiest places in town to walk into. No security hardly at all. Oh! you play poker!!!! come on in!!!