Rumorati: Phil Ivey vs. Michael Jordan

by , Apr 10, 2007 | 5:05 am

Phil Ivey may be kicking poker-player butt on the golf course, but not so against everyone all the time. Just last week he was supposedly playing a rematch against NBA legend Michael Jordan (aka the Doyle Brunson of Basketball). Not sure where or who won how much this time, but just two weeks prior, the twosome were at it on a golf course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — according to a presumably reliable secondhand source — and Ivey lost $250,000.

One possibility is that Ivey sees golf-gambling with Jordan as a win-win … even if he loses on the links, Ivey’s having a good time with MJ while bilking him for all the knowledge, wisdom, and marketing genius that “the greatest” in a far-bigger-than-poker game might have to offer. That could be worth millions.

The other possibility, of course, is that Ivey is simply running the classic hustle on even richer guys who are more likely to pay up. (Also potentially worth millions.)

4 Comments to “Rumorati: Phil Ivey vs. Michael Jordan”

  1. DanM

    I can’t believe no one has any comments on this.

  2. Uncle Ray

    Sorry it takes so long to get away from work to reply. I know, where ARE my priorities, anyway?

    Up here in Chicago we’ve seen and heard about the Jordan gambling compulsion way back when he was still playing.

    My guess is Ivey will have plenty of cahnces to turn the tables on Michael. Because the only thing that is certain about his gambling is that it will continue.

    Jordan has that thirst for competition that never is satisfied. They’ll play again!!

  3. DanM

    Yep. I remember asking Phil Hellmuth once about his golf outing with Troy Aikman … he responded, “Troy’s a better golfer, but I’m a better gambler.”

    And Hellmuth, of course, is nothing compared to Ivey (as their Chinese Poker suggests).

    I don’t know the results of their most recent outing, but I really wouldn’t be shocked if MJ lost $900k or more. (Will try to find out, of course, but have a feeling my source on Ivey’s golf bets might dry up because of this post.)

  4. Austin Winter

    Michael is the Doyle Brunson of Basketball? no Doyle Brunson is the Michael Jordan of poker. Theres a difference.