Rumorati: Sponsorship Shmonsorship?

by , Apr 17, 2007 | 1:51 pm

We’re hearing sources with unknown reliability that Absolute Poker has “dumped’ all their pros. That would include Michael Mizrachi, David Williams’ mother Shirley, and Lacey Jones, and Mark Seif.

UPDATE: Falstaff sends along official word that may have been relegated to the spam filters of those of us who long-ago busted out of all online poker.

The Notre Dame(s) of Poker? 2/15/07

(emphasis added)

From: Absolute Poker
Date: Apr 13, 2007 1:31 PM
Subject: Official Statement on Pros and Other news
To: johnhartness

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet – US Business still Growing.

With their US Business still breaking growth records and announce huge promotions, international plans and news on the Pros.

Both businesses continue to offer US customers and poker players from around the world access to the hottest tournaments and the very best in online poker. The business is committed to improving the poker experience that thousands of players from around the world enjoy today.

Absolute Poker has just announced its second Absolute Dream Package Winner who was the second Absolute Poker player this year to win access to over $100 million in tournament prize pools through the $150k Absolute Dream Package prize package. The winner is on his way to living out every poker players dream at the main events this year with free entry to the biggest tournaments, training from the Pros and a starring role in TV’s richest cash game.

UltimateBet once again is the title sponsor of the 6th annual Aruba Poker Classic, which takes place in a 5-Star resort in Aruba this September. With over 700 players expected to qualify exclusively through – and with satellites running now at – this year’s event will be the event poker players will be talking about for years to come. The $8,000 Aruba prize package will send players to Aruba to compete for the coveted Aruba Poker Classic Title and their share of over $2.5million in prize money!

Poker Pros in US – US business as normal.

Ultimatebet and Absolute Poker remain forever committed to offering the best online poker experience to poker players in the US and the rest of the world. Both businesses have made a decision to further protect their ability to continue to offer US customers the very best in online poker.

The businesses will no longer actively use Professional Poker Players to endorse either Dotcom brands in the US domestic market, but will continue to do so Internationally. However Leading Pros such as Mark Seif, Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and others continue to work for Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. The marketing decision on the Dotcom Brands in the US and does not in any way affect US players.

The Pros remain committed to the business and will continue to promote both and in the International market and work with and

Pros to Be Used in International Markets.
[ed. note: I just thought that was an interesting choice of phrase.]

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet will continue to work with the best pros in the industry to help drive their significant Growth Strategy.
Furthermore, they will look work with their current Pros and sign new Pros to work with either brand in the International Market.

Legendary Poker Pros Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke who have worked closely with UltimateBet since its creation will continue to endorse in International Markets. Johan Storakers – Sweden’s
no.1 professional poker player – Jim Worth aka Krazy Kanuck are also in the current stable of Pros.

Absolute Poker who’s Pros includes Mark Seif and others has just signed a 12-month deal with their beautiful host – Serinda Swan – the Face of Serinda will star alongside the successful winners of the Absolute Dream package in TV, magazine and online adverts worldwide.

Come experience absolute thrills and ultimate excitement today at and See you at the tables.


Team Absolute
Affiliate Relations Department

5 Comments to “Rumorati: Sponsorship Shmonsorship?”

  1. Fresh Princess


  2. DanM

    Wow, interesting. I woulda thought Antonio Esfandiari was one of the more marketable fellows out there.

    So now he joins Phil Laak in going solo? Wonder what they see that we don’t. Could it simply be Full Tilt?

  3. Fresh Princess

    Hmmmm, not sure but I think this may seriously sadden Ed.

  4. Jason

    I love that Absolute doesn’t know that whose is a word and who’s (in their usage) isn’t.

  5. Fresh Princess

    Jason – Could be an ADHD moment. I often mix up your and you’re even though I know the difference. On the contrary…I love that Absolute let go of the grinder seeing as how he isn’t doing so well this year. Oh wait…he’s numero uno.