And a Robbery at an 8-Liner joint a poker room

by , May 17, 2007 | 1:53 pm

Meanwhile, as Dallas Police were busting a poker game last night, an 8-Liner room less than a half-a-mile away was getting robbed. (Maybe not at the exact same time, but pretty close to it.)

I am not sure that non-poker people realize that even though the charges are the same, we could kinda care less about 8-Liner rooms getting tagged by the 5-0. We are selfish like that. I mean we don’t want anybody to get shot/robbed/killed … but, shit, they don’t even have blogs! Clearly the slot-machine players here have gambling problems, and they would be better off discovering the educational joy and subsequent Zen of Texas Hold’em.

(NOTE: My opinion might change if they ever bust Grandma Michalski, who loves her some nickel slots, but can only find quarter machines when she goes on church trips to Oklahoma.)

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UPDATE: It was a poker room that got robbed, not an 8-Liner room. DPD’s mistake … but hey, they were busy writing tickets to players down the street, right? Developing …

Really, it’s almost like the people robbing rooms know when the police are busting other joints. That’s three robberies (one just attempted) in a row on the same night that the cops were also confiscating cash from poker players. Whaddya think, coinkydink?

5 Comments to “And a Robbery at an 8-Liner joint a poker room”

  1. duck

    Excuse me, but might want to check your sources about the 8 liner. I was there and it was worst than you think. Its not a 8 liner either. There was not a single slot machine in there anywhere. Before you start putting stuff down you should be more conclusive. Make sure to get the facts straight next time.

  2. DanM

    Are you sure it was the same place (the address is linked-to above)? And if I am missing some info … indeed, please share! Firsthand sources almost always know best.

    I got the above info, as well as the info in the previous post about the poker bust, pretty much directly from Dallas police.

  3. DanM

    And P.S. I heard rumors about a poker robbery last night, but couldn’t confirm … assumed the rumor mill must have been confusing it with the 8-liner joint. So are you saying a poker room got robbed in a very bad way? We don’t need names, but are very interested in what went down.

  4. duck

    Im not saying it was a poker room, but it was definely not an 8-liner joint. The thieves was 3 black males and one was about 6’7″ and very thin and knew what he was doing and where to look for everything. The other two seem very nevrous about the whole thing. We didnt even have a chance! They kicked the door in and all i could do is say, “ah shit.” I mean they knew what they had to do to get in. It was just one kick and nothing else. No shake of the door nob, no knock, just one good swift kick. I can still picture the whole thing again. They took everyones ids, phones, and keys. But out of it all, im just glad no one got hurt.

  5. DanM

    fair enough. the police report called it a “game room.” for now we’ll just call it a “poker game.”