Best small limit games in Dallas — out of state

by , May 30, 2007 | 12:21 am

Aaron in Carrollton also writes in inquiring where to find a good low-stakes limit game to develop his chops:

I know this isn’t something you want to write about via email so you can text or call if you want, but I’m trying to find a decent limit ca$h game, maybe 2/5 or 5/10 limit. I’m going to Vegas twice next year (if the schedule lets me of course), once in January […] and in the summer for the WSOP. But I need to primer my game here, so to speak, and really get better at a limit 5/10, maybe even 10/20 then go out there and see how I do vs. the better players.

I dont really want to go to card rooms since they’ve obviously been getting busted a lot, but shit maybe I have to, to get good. Let me know what’s up or who I should call, etc. Any advice on this? Thanks Dan.

Even though my first games I ever played in Dallas were 3/6 limit, really, as far as I know they are all gone now. Your best bet? Oklahoma. Or maybe Louisiana. I’m not positive of what they are spreading — but I am almost certain you can find a good 3/6 or 4/8 table at Choctaw, WinStar, and a few others to the North. Likewise for the Horseshoe and Eldorado in La.

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  1. on tilt

    Go to Winstar. If you’re in carrolton, you should be able to get there in about an hour. the new room is nice. you can probably find several 4/8 games during the week. on the weekends, there is occasionally a 6/12 game if there is enough interest, and usually a 10/20 game running.

  2. BigSlick75093

    I was at Winstar last weekend. They had 4/8 limit going. Also had 1/2, 2/5, and 5/10 NL. And 5/10 Omaha Hi/Lo