Better Luck (the year after) Next Year

by , May 30, 2007 | 2:26 am

A little too little a little too late, perhaps … but the Houston Chronicle has a great piece by columnist sports-blogger and ESPN/The Ticket radio talk-show host Jerome Solomon about why poker in Texas shoulda been legalized. Lavigne in Austin certainly has the message down … and others are starting to hear it. Encouraging, actually, to know that next time around what the poker people have to say might actually make sense to those who don’t play, and even those who might be generally against gambling.

Makes me think that maybe some of us have been using the wrong term — “legalized.” As this column points out … poker already is legal in Texas (like golf, and fishing, and bridge) and all we are looking to do is allow people (and the state) to profit off letting certain good folks offer a slightly souped-up version of the game … just updating the current laws that already allow the game to be played. Can you imagine if it were legal to golf, but illegal to run a pro shop? Maybe our use of the term “legalize” makes it sound like drugs.

4 Comments to “Better Luck (the year after) Next Year”

  1. Lavigne in Austin

    correct dan. we say regulate.

  2. DanM

    my fault. i’ll try not to cause problems next time.

  3. irishmike

    The only way we are going to get this passed is to show the folks in Austin that we have grass roots support. That means we need to start preperations now for the next vote. Rallys, writing representitives, tee shirts the whole nine yards. That is if we really want it to happen. If you love the GAME as much as I do we have to get behind this thing and push it through.Sending just a 10 person crew to Austin, no matter how well known they are won’t have much effect.

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  4. Lavigne in Austin

    That’s right irishmike. I have been in meetings all day on this. get ready. the push begins soon.