by , May 21, 2007 | 3:22 pm

It just occurred to me that with all this serious poker news going down, it may seem like poker people never have any fun. That’s hardly the case, of course — just ask Shane about the runner-runner(s) I hit him with last week.

As usual, when I’m looking for a pokery pick-me-up, I see what Tuff_Fish has to say. Click here for one of his more enjoyable recent outings. And as is always cool with the internet, looking for one thing often helps you find something else. The latest entertaining discovery … Tuff_Bot:

Not sure if Tuff_Bot was part of the low-stakes bot ring allegedly running on Full Tilt according to some 2+2ers. But hey, bots are a reality in our online poker future, so we can only hope most of them are like the one above.

6 Comments to “Bot-tastic!”

  1. Karridy

    Okay… that shit is funny. Especially the full-on Tuff Fish overload studder.

  2. Kajagugu

    vocoders are so much fun

  3. Erwin Blonk

    Vocoders rule 😀
    I still remember the San Francisco Vocoder Choir on Patrick Cowley´s Mind Warp album. It was probably a bunch of people singing through a vocoder for the occassion (or maybe only Patrick) but I could just picture it, the SF Vocoder Choir on tour.

  4. Woody

    Couldn’t understand a damn thing.

  5. DanM

    Woody, try it again. I kept hearing new robotic delights with each new listen. Now I almost know it by heart … but still keeps me smilin’.

  6. Short-Stacked Shamus

    That is some good funny. Esp. when Tuff Bot goes up an octave.