Democracy Inaction

by , May 12, 2007 | 5:52 am

I’m sure this won’t piss anyone off … but check out the letter Rep. Brian McCall (R-Plano) sent to a concerned poker citizen who requested his support on HB 3186:

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Wow. Way to encourage participation in the political process, sir. I think a lot of elected officials — perhaps the majority even — forget that regular people like Mr. Rogers are their bosses, not their bitches. I may be a little jealous because he has way better hair than me tilty based on the way he belittles a citizen who simply did what he was supposed to do to let his representative know where he stands on an issue. You’ll notice McCall doesn’t actually take a stance … he pretty much just calls Jason stupid for doing so.

Click below for more insight into what a simple-minded congressman Rep. McCall may or may not be …

ALT HED: Why We Lost, Exhibit A

In the letter itself, McCall implies that Jason, by having a strong stance on HB 3186, is not concerned about “public education, public safety, transportation … the budget, [and] crime.” Now if McCall can’t see why poker legalities are related to all of the above, then why, really, should he be in charge of anything of social importance? This bill was all about crime and public safety and the budget. Perhaps he could talk to the cops in his district for an explanation. McCall did go to Oxford, so he can’t be an idiot. But it is possible that a politician who touts his closeness to George W. Bush and Rick Perry as his strongest asset has become so full his party line that he has forgotten how to think for himself, let alone the people he claims to represent. Just a possibility. You gotta know what your opponent is capable of.

From his website:

Since being elected in 1991, I have fought to lower taxes, to reduce government waste, to preserve Texas values, and to help make the Texas economy one of the strongest in the nation.


Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to representing your interests in the Texas Legislature.

Reduce government waste? If that were true, then he would have seen the clear sense of making money by protecting people (from robbery, cheating, etc.) as opposed to spending money on tying up the police and court system with hard-to-prosecute misdemeanors.

And how does sending taxable dollars out of state while not taxing the poker money that stays in-state help make the Texas economy stronger? (It doesn’t … it makes it weaker.) And I won’t waste my time explaining the Texas values inherent to Texas Hold’em … but I would like to remind Reppy B-Mac that with that last sentence, hey, your God knows if you are bluffing.

It should be noted that McCall is a member of the Calendars Committee.

24 Comments to “Democracy Inaction”

  1. Fresh Princess

    Isn’t it pathetic how one person looks at another’s passion as a disregard to anything else important in life? Funny enough, we often say we shouldn’t have to justify our positions yet Americans pay thousands in therapy to be better communicators. Geez, I’m confused.

    Seriously, McCall, did you even read mine or Clonie’s testimony from the committee?

    Dan, we could focus on our HB 3186 but the real issue is changing the judicial system to make sure all bills are heard if they make it that far, no? As it stands now we are wasting a lot of money and time.

  2. Bundas

    What A dush!! (McCall)

  3. JasonRogers

    All I really said was that I’m a registered voter in his district, and that I support HB 3186. But then I stated that that I will be watching how he votes on this issue, and that if he votes against it, then he won’t get my vote come re-election time (regardless of the other issues he supports).
    His response shows how little importance he places on poker.

    Suppose I said something like this:
    I’ll be watching how you vote on HB XXXX (about gay rights, abortion, immigration, or the like), and I won’t be voting for you next election if you vote against it.
    And his response was something like:
    If your sole criteria for whom you will vote for is that candidate’s stance on gay rights, abortion, immigration, etc. (over and above that person’s stand on education, public education, transportation, …) then I won’t count on your vote.

    I think most anyone (who has a deep feeling for some cause or other) would feel belittled, betrayed, and offended by his response.
    I know that I do.

    And I plan to do exactly what I said I would do. (the only thing I can do to a representative who doesn’t support, or even listen to, his constituents).
    He won’t get my vote come next re-election time.
    And if you’re in Plano, I hope he doesn’t get yours as well.

  4. Tim B.

    well, i know who i wont be voting for next election. goddamn what a cocksucker. to my mind, its irrelevant what his position on the bill was, i dont want anyone who talks to his constituents in that manner serving as my representative.

  5. DanM

    ***Dan, we could focus on our HB 3186 but the real issue is changing the judicial system to make sure all bills are heard if they make it that far, no?***

    Just a point of order … this would be a legislative issue, not a judicial one. (Though in both California and Florida, it took court rulings to help poker along.)

    You see, Michele, there are three branches of government — executive, legislative, and judicial …

  6. DanM

    ***What A dush!! (McCall)***

    Just a point of order, Bundas … I think the proper spelling is “douche.” Unless you were paying him a gay compliment — in which case the proper spelling is “tush.”

  7. DanM

    ***Seriously, McCall, did you even read mine or Clonie’s testimony from the committee?***

    Just one more point of order, Michele … I will almost guarantee you he didn’t. That’s not his job to do so. That’s why you have committees, because if everyone had to consider every bill … then truly nothing would get done.

    Sources are telling me, by the way, that actually McCall is one of the more liberal Republicans in one of the most conservative districts in the state … the kinda guy who could be our friend.

  8. Fresh Princess

    duh! Thanks for the triangle re-cap.
    I’m glad I provided you with an opportunity to prove how smart you are. You will make a great mom, er, I mean dad.

  9. Fresh Princess

    And by the way…don’t think I didn’t notice THE list has been changing.

  10. DanM

    Hey, no prob, FP … thanks for serving up the softball.

  11. JasonRogers

    Something to note.
    For the 2006 Elections, Brian McCall ran unopposed for District 66.
    I guess he has no real reason to care considering he didn’t actually campain for votes or anything…
    He really doesn’t need my vote..

    Something else to note:,_2008
    District 3
    Longtime Republican Sam Johnson of Plano will be 78 in 2008 and could possibly retire. Johnson represents several northern and northeastern suburbs of Dallas, including southwestern Collin County (including Plano and McKinney) and northeastern Dallas County including large portions of Garland and Richardson. The district is heavily white, upper-middle class, and Republican, with incomes averaging around the $75,000 range. If Johnson does retire, Republican State Senator Florence Shapiro, a former mayor of Plano would be considered a strong candidate if she runs, as would Republican State Representative Brian McCall, who at one point challenged for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in 2006. This seat is expected to remain Republican even if Johnson retires.

    This won’t be a good thing for us if he gets a U.S. House seat.
    If he does attempt it, that will be the time to oppose him.
    I look forward to it. 😉

  12. DPL

    I got a letter from my state rep also. (Tan Paker, District 63, Flower Mound) He said that he loves to hear from constituents and will keep my comments in mind when making any decisions on this legislation. Which I’m sure does not mean anything, but at least he was not a douche, or is it dush.

  13. Bundas

    Just a point of order, Dan … Thanks for giving me the the proper spelling and it is “douche.”

    But to be clear I think everyone got the Point you DOUCHE!!!
    And I’ll save my gay compliment for you
    Nice outfit your wearing on Mothers day

  14. Bundas

  15. Bundas

    Wow Im a douche too as I still can’t figure out posting a picture.

  16. William McCall

    As a conservative, I am offended that DanM would think that a republican would need a liberal bend to support poker in this state. Any small government conservative should support the government getting the hell out of our card playing and the rest of our business for that matter. As for Rep. McCall, his response gives the rest of the McCalls a bad name.

  17. pisswilley

    william, as a conservative you know that the religious right has us by the short hairs. regardless of his true position he must kiss the ring of those people. however, he could have those hard right wing views and thats why he is telling us to piss off. bottom line the repub. party left us. they are now nothing more than the same radical groups we are fighting in iraq. so again i say, no legal poker/gambling in texas for about 10 years. mark it down

  18. DanM

    Re: comment #16

    William, I was not trying to imply that conservatives don’t support poker. after all, Antonin Scalia is apparently quite the regular player. The problem is, actually, redistricting … when we realigned our voting districts such that there are clearly republican seats and democrat seats, we took the fight away from the middle. so what we have is a lot of conservatives who want to support poker, but are afraid to, because they rely on their more extreme base of support to win their primary.

    because when it comes to state elections these days, it’s not about a republican beating a democrat or vice versa, it’s about republican beating republican, and dem beating dem.

    that’s my opinion, of course. but it is one echoed by many in politics. it’s simply a new obstacle we face, because really, there’s no reason our poker fight shouldn’t be a bipartisan issue.

    here’s an article i wrote back in 2002 where Scott Armey (son of Dick) explains the political maneuvering that goes on to stay in power.

    one last thought for William McCall … hey, if republicans practiced what they preached, i would be a strong supporter. but clearly they are no longer about smaller government, less intrusive government, fiscally responsible government, etc. … even though they keep saying so to voters who will believe them. am i wrong here?

  19. DanM

    here’s another link to the D Mag story. Their super-archives are new and URLs long, so not sure which one works better.

  20. Garry

    Sounds to me it is time to get the word out that he needs to be voted out of office next cycle.

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  22. Jaffo

    Better be careful, this According to this McCall’s picture, He has Presidential HAIR….

  23. boogeyman

    ***What A dush!! (McCall)***

    Just a point of order, Bundas … I think the proper spelling is “douche.” Unless you were paying him a gay compliment — in which case the proper spelling is “tush.”

    —that’s funny, because rumor on the texas streets is brian mccall is gay. note that he is 48 and unmarried. but maybe you already knew that!

    i am voting against him next time — he is a tush bag and he mistreated you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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