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by , May 25, 2007 | 4:03 pm

I’m about to quit thinking about the Legislature and Politics for a few days over the long weekend. In the meantime, those of you who are in Central Texas should consider attending this.

The Poker Players Alliance is helping with this fundraiser for US Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (D-San Antonio). The PPA has been a reliable ally in our fight to bring poker back to Texas, so lets help them bring online poker back to our country:

You are invited to celebrate Congressman Charlie Gonzalez’ 62nd Birthday at…

A Vegas Style Political Fundraising Event with Congressman Charlie Gonzalez

Thursday, May 31, 2007
5:30pm – 9:00pm
The Spire at Sunset Station
St. Paul Square – 230 Center Street – San Antonio

Casino Politico Sponsorship Levels
$ 62 – Jr Secret Agent – Admission for 1 person (purchase playing chips at the door)
$ 250 – Agent Q – Admission for 2 persons and $ 50 worth of playing chips
$ 500 – Agent M – Admission for 4 persons and $100 worth of playing chips
$1,000 – 00’ Agent – Admission for 6 persons and $ 200 worth of playing chips
$2,300 – Goldfinger – Admission for 8 persons and $ 500 worth of playing chips

To RSVP or for more information, call
210-886-9229 in San Antonio

Paid for by the Charles A. Gonzalez Congressional Committee.

11 Comments to “Casino Politico”

  1. DanM

    Paid for? Where’s Pokerati’s check?

    (Just a joke, Mike … I understand there are some legal requirements with this kinda stuff.)

  2. April

    Duh, Dan, it’s in the mail of course!!

  3. DanM

    April … I miss you! Happy Graduation, by the way. Hope you can pop in to the WSOP for at least a bit. And if you can, you know I can find plenty of unpaid “work” for you.

  4. donkey

    How in freaking hell is this legal?

  5. DanM

    Probably has to do with the lack of prizes. But you know, the laws around it are a little gray … a good lawyer could probably win any case brought against this tourney.

  6. donkey

    Interesting to know if those chips that they give out or sell have any cash value. Whether it does or not, this is promoting poker to make a profit. I hope this event does happen, it would be good for those of us with cases pending for running poker rooms as to where the line is actually drawn.

  7. Lavigne in Austin

    i think this event is akin to an office casino night party. you give your contribution and you get chips. you play the games, and get a stuffed animal or something at the end of the night.

    the point is, Charlie Gonzalez is a friend to poker and you should go contribute!

  8. donkey

    Definitely understand your point, Mike. I think Gonzo is great for the state of Texas, he needs our contribution. The point here is, there is a contribution, aka buyin, aka door fee. Someone (house) is benefiting from it. If this is a loophole to play poker in Texas, why don’t we host poker games, use this format as a blueprint for our games, and say that all proceeds go towards campaign contribution.

  9. DanM

    It should be noted that no charity or fundraising poker tournament has ever been convicted or raided or busted for doing something illegal in Texas. (I am talking about true fundraisers … not charity front-ops.) Events have simply been stopped pre-emptively (usually with a threat to a liquor license from the TABC).

    They way to guarantee you steer clear of legal problems these days is to not give prizes to the winners — wee, just play for fun. But even if you do give prizes away, as far as I know, no one has yet to convince a judge or jury that this violates any laws.

  10. donkey

    I guess if not giving out prizes is a loophole to be able to run a charity game, they I guess I can give away “stuff” animals filled with cash or an account number to an offshore bank w/o announcing it. The issue here is whether or not the house is benefiting from it…clearly Gonzo’s campaign is. I bet Richard Lee must be pretty pissed off for getting shut down before his game, while someone is broadcasting a poker game in a national media AND hosting it in a nice public location. And Karridy too, after they shut his big tourney with TJ on a TABC technicality, that’s because they can’t prove that you are making a profit on a game that hasn’t happen yet. I really hope that gonzo’s game will happen, this will definitely open some doors for more “fund raising” games.

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