Eating crow sandwich …board

by , May 23, 2007 | 4:04 pm

Sit-n-Go StevePartially inspired by a recent Fresh Princess post, BeyondTheTable’s new producer, Sit-n-Go Steve, and I decided to settle our long running fued over who is BeyondTheTable’s true heads-up stud. I understand that there are more characters in the BeyondTheTable cast, but a recent BTT episode featured Dan admitting to squandering his ENTIRE online bankroll in heads-up SnG’s while hopingly chatting with on the phone with his female ex-tolerator. As for Tom,… well… it’s been a while since he’s seen heads up action. (Tom, unlike Dan, my ribbing is intended purely for motivational purposes Yeah, that’s it).

The Players: F I2 O G G Y (Karridy, duh.) -vs- Raistlin32
The Prop: Online heads-up, Best of seven.
The Bet (Summary): Loser will wear a sandwich board, created by the winner, for 30 minutes at the intersection of the winner’s choosing.

The winner?


I have just the intersection in mind. Muuuhahaha. Photos and video to follow soon!

7 Comments to “Eating crow sandwich …board”

  1. DanM

    **female ex-tolerator**

    wow, that is so well said. seriously.

    And who is the birdy wearing the board? mrs. SNG?

    by the way, Karridy, I owe you $50. Don’t ask me what happened to it on the show tonight.

  2. Ed

    speaking of the podcast. listening to episode 5/16 “Gangbang” and was wondering if the — Karridy on left channel and everyone else on the right channel — was done intentionally. making it very hard to have it going for the full hour.

    i do like it being one full episode and not chopped up into 3 parts.


  3. DanM

    That was a mistake, Ed. I think Karridy was just phoning it in.

  4. Karridy

    Totally a screw up on my part. I am re-uploading the proper version now. The good news is that all you have to do to make the show better is remove the left earpiece from your ear.

  5. Ed

    But then all i would hear is Dan talking to himself. That would be just like listening to him during sex.


  6. DanM

    Ed, are we going to have to ban your IP?

  7. Ed

    if i had a static ip i would say that might be best. 🙂