Everything is Bigger and Better in … Oklahoma?

by , May 4, 2007 | 2:02 pm


So how badly does the historic great nation of the legendary WinStar tribe want Dallas poker’s money? “Lupita” in Dallas writes in to remind us that tomorrow is the grand opening of the new poker room in the great-big-tent across the river:

I’ll definitely tell [friendly Dallas poker guy] you said hi. By the way, have you been to the new poker room at Winstar yet? If you haven’t — it is surprisingly nice. Wood paneling, multi-colored carpet, its own grill — and very quiet, nothing but the sound of riffling chips. And HUGE! 19,000 sq. ft. and (I think) 46 tables. Tomorrow is their official grand opening — they’re splashing the pot of a random table every 1/2 hour with $500 in chips, giving away a seat to the WSOP, giving away (I think) 6 seats to the Red River Shootout in August, and also giving away a black Infiniti. But you probably already know all this. Anyway, I’m headed up tomorrow morning — hoping to get lucky and win one or two of those splash pots — and any of those other prizes wouldn’t be bad either.

I’ve only played in the new room once . . . when I asked for the 2/5 game, I was suprised to be led to a separate room with six tables in it at the front of the poker room. After I’d played a few hands, I finally asked the dealer why we were in a separate room. I was told, “This is the high limit room, ma’am.” I had to laugh . . . only in Oklahoma would a 2/5 game be included in the “high limit room.” But I tell ya, every time I left the room to go to the bathroom, I felt like Jennifer-Freakin’-Harman strolling outta there . . .

At any rate, you really should see the new poker room . . . don’t laugh, but it sort of reminds me of the Venetian in Vegas (the wood paneling). It’s really very nice.

Thanks, Lupe, for the info. And if anyone can sneak some pictures with a cell-phone cam … that would be really cool.

3 Comments to “Everything is Bigger and Better in … Oklahoma?”

  1. Lupita

    I don’t know why, but even though they mention their new poker room on their website, the picture is still of the old room.

    And also — I never made it to the grand opening. I called the poker room about 11:15 this morning and was told that every table was full and that there was a waiting list of over 200 for each game. I called back about 4:30 and was told there was a list of about 280 for each game. Not worth the wait!

    I’d love to hear from anyone who made it.

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  3. Annonymous

    It was crazy, every table in the house was full with a waiting list of 497 at one point from Friday night all the way till Sat at 10PM, not sure if it let down after that. Which tells you how much gaming revenue Oklahoma is STEALING from Texas. Come on regulators, open your ****cking eyes and smell the chips across the border…..