How a Bill Really Becomes a Law, Part 3

by , May 8, 2007 | 3:01 am

Tim in Dallas writes in with a late-night update on HB 3186, and a question that I think he was hoping was rhetorical:

From: Tim B
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 2:07 AM
To: dan michalski
Subject: woo WOO! HB 3186 made it through calendars!

Placed on General State Calendar 05/09/2007

they havent released the calendar for the 9th yet, so i dont know where in
the agenda it is, but this does mean its going to get a vote on the floor,

Indeed, Tim, this is a really good thing … but it may not be enough! Being on the general calendar is no guarantee that the House will get to it … and if they don’t, then despite all hard work and good sense, it simply dies.

To be sure the bill gets heard on the floor, it needs to be on the Major State Calendar. Rep. Jose Menendez, Lavigne in Austin, and the lobbyists are actively trying to make that happen … but that’s why pressure still matters today and tomorrow. In fact, if you happen to be a big-time Republican donor … now would be a really good time to get in touch voice-to-voice with your highest-ranking peeps and encourage them to make poker a priority.

Fingers crossed, buttons clicking, stomachs turning … it feels like we’ve flopped a set only to be up against open-ended-straight and flush draws with two cards to come.

ED NOTE: Yes, I know there has been no Part 2 yet … it’s coming, I swear … along with coverage of the PI-07.

UPDATE: We are second-to-last on tomorrow’s calendar. Have a look at today’s for a comparison. That means it will be really late if/when they get to us … so if you haven’t already, don’t forget to send some emails encouraging the reps not to let this opportunity to do what is right for poker Texas get away from them!

4 Comments to “How a Bill Really Becomes a Law, Part 3”

  1. TommyTwoToes

    does anyone really give this much hope of passing tomorrow? (yes we all have a dream, but we live in a very conservative state , and i believe that the leader of the house said in some qoute at some point that he would never let it pass etc)

    if this is voted down what are the steps to get it put up for another vote in another form ?

    ok now for the good what ifs:

    if this does pass what places are going to have the best action/games ?
    addison would be like a mecca the combination of people having to much money being drunk and being righteous pricks would make this a money making dream to some of the dallas grinders out there.

    my other belief is that if this passes you will see alot of pool halls drop several of their pool tables and put in poker tables… wizards in richardson would be a great location.

    The insane amount of fresh donk money from people that have thousands of APL points accredited to their name is going to make me wake up and smile every morning like i just got laid for the first time the night before, and this will happen everyday for likely 6 months to a year till these people catch on that they are not any good!

    is there going to be a mad dash by investors to buy large bars in hopes of turning them into poker parlors?

    and my last statement … everybar and their mother’s liquor cabinet is going to try and start a game .. it will take sometime for the ones that just cant hack it and dont know what they are doing to get filtered out, and then we will be left with a dozen great locations.(the only thing that might slow down an explosion is the millionaire requirement)

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  3. Rob

    Why wouldn’t the Texas House continuously bring bills to its floor for poker legalization, only to vote it out everytime? I am sure for every dollar given in favor of the bill Oklahoma and Louisiana give twenty to keep it from passing.

  4. DanM

    It’s not a matter of their voting it out … it’s a matter of them getting around to vote on it at all!